Wwe Supercard King of the Rings Features

King of the Ring Features

WWE SuperCard is an excellent card game of wrestling, which has released it’s Season 6 in recent times.

The gameplay has different modes; however, the most interesting mode is the King of the ring. It is a 48 hours tournament that can be played with eight cards team.

King of the ring is the fastest way to collect some fabulous rewards and raise your tier.

However, there are some tricks that you must know to play the King of the ring modes. In this post, we will furnish the best of tips to play the game.

The Game Mode

Each King of the Ring tournament has qualification matches as well as some tournament matches.

When you win the qualifying matches, you can play the tournament matches. Every hour you can play up to three matches. Every match designed to have the best of three-game.

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The Deck

In this mode, you can form a deck of a total of fourteen cards. The best thing is you can is to have eight super cards, four support cards, and two diva cards.

Out of these deck, only seven cards will be active, and the rest will be dormant. The active cards will play a role in each game, and as you use them, the Stamina in each card diminishes. The cards that remain dormant will gain Stamina.

Unlike the exhibition matches, the King of the Ring matches will use the cards automatically. After each match, only you can shuffle the cards.

As the cards are not used as per your wish, you must be cautious using the cards. Merely dumping the unused cards is not advisable.

How to Manage Stamina

Manage Stamina

Stamina is one of the vital elements that need to be handled with care. Stamina always gets consumed in the matches, and the stamina card can refill the full Stamina of your player.

You can gain stamina card using any pick or use coins to purchase them from the store.

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How to use Boost Cards

Booster Cards

Another hack to boost your Stamina is to use boost cards. Boost cards are also obtained through the pick, and they increase fifteen percent of your Stamina.

If you use the auto-fill option in the game, the lowest stamina card will be automatically used up.

What Are the Rewards


The score of your deck that decides the benefits you are receiving for playing also affects King of the ring competitions.

The nature of the awards varies on the deck position before you enter the campaign. Still, cards cannot be modified, substituted, or merged in a pro category while the competition is going on.


King of the Ring is a great competition that has hooked up several players in the game and kept the journey alive for the game.

Through our tips above, you will get an absolute understanding of the game mode and orient your gameplay accordingly.


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