The Sims Mobile Currency Guide That will help you in the Game

The Sims Mobile Currency Guide

Based on The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile game for Android and iOS devices from EA has garnered a lot of positive attention.

And this the sims mobile currency guide is going to help you with the best possible opportunities to dominate this game.

The game currently has over 40 million players vying to create the best story arcs for their Sims.

However, a common complaint that a lot of players have is that it takes a lot of time to progress through the levels.

All players must have an in-depth understanding of the game’s currency to ensure that they progress faster.

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Here’s a detailed the sims mobile currency guide for the game –

The Different Types of Currencies in the Game

There are three types of currencies in the game. Ranked in their order of importance, they are –

  1. Sim Cash
  2. Simoleons
  3. Tokens/Tickets

Sim Cash

Sims Mobile Simcash

Sim Cash is the most crucial currency in The Sims Mobile game. It is equally hard to get.

  • Uses – Sim Cash is primarily used to purchase Simoleons. You can also use Sim Cash to fast forward specific processes, buy unique items, etc.

How to Get – SimCash can be bought with real money from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Just visit the in-game store to check out what offers are available. To get free Sim Cash, you will have to level up and complete the Daily Tasks. Another easy to earn Sim Cash is by participating in Quests. These weekly events have five stages each. Finish all the steps to earn 5 Sim Cash and a total of 1000 Simoleons. Actually, these are only few ways but there are even more ways available that you can use in the game and you can find them all on



Simoleons are the most used currency in the game.

  • Uses – You can use Simoleons to purchase accessories, clothing items for your Sims, home improvement items, and a lot more.
  • How to Get – Every beginner gets 100 Simoleon units as a reward for downloading the app. From then on, you’ll have to work to earn your Simoleons by registering impressive gameplays. Complete all the daily tasks, send your Sims to work, complete activities in the hobby center, attend parties to get Simoleons for socializing, and compete in Quests. Don’t forget to take part in all types of events as they offer a great chance to earn Simoleons with minimal effort.


Tokens have been taken off the game ever since the last update. In the past, players could get four types of tokens – Relationship, Career, Hobby, and Party tokens. After the update, all the tokens were converted to tickets.



Tickets essentially serve the same purpose as Tokens. Some of the different ticket types include – Home Tickets, Super Home Tickets, Luxe Home Ticket, Sim Tickets, Super Sim Tickets, Heirloom Tickets, Super Heirloom Tickets, and Fashion Gem tickets.

  • Uses – Tickets can be used to purchase unique items, potions, etc.
  • How to Get – Tickets can be earned in various ways. Participate in events, attend parties, watching video ads, and complete all the daily tasks to receive Tickets. You can also purchase tickets in exchange for real cash from the play/app stores. Some quests also offer tickets as rewards.

Play the game consistently to increase your chances of earning these currencies. The Sims Mobile game is cheat-proof, so don’t trust any online currency generators!


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