Creative Destruction – Mastering Movement

creative destruction

Creative Destruction is a game that incorporates numerous elements of Battle Royale and shooting games.

Although the allure of building neat structures and killing as many enemies as possible are the two major attractions, an underrated and vital aspect of mastering this game is movement.

Creative Destruction: Movement in the Map

The primary form of movement you need to master in this game is moving around the map.

When you first start the game, you will be given a tutorial on how to stay inside the safe zone and avoid the storm as much as possible.

Players usually have 5 minutes before the safe zone starts shrinking. Before the storm hits, you must get inside the safe zone.

Staying in the storm will radically decrease your health. Dying just outside the safe zone is the most excruciating form of death in this game.

A strategy that a lot of smart players apply is staying on the border of the safe zone to wait for players rushing in to get away from the storm. There are also lots of legal creative destruction hack and cheats available to benefit in the game legally that you should have to read.

Doing so will give you ample time to make these frantic runners an easy target. Since they have a low-health due to the damage caused by the storm, a few shots will earn you easy kills.

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However, since this is a commonly used tactic, make sure to keep an eye on the safe zone as well for other players trying to use the same tactic.

Having a clear idea of when to enter the safe zone and how to move around the map is crucial for survival.

Always check the compass on your screen to know the exact location and time left for the storm to arrive. Don’t take the storm lightly.

Movement While Shooting

Without a mastery of movement, while shooting, you will not be able to win one on one combats.

Use the scope and trigger options on both sides of your screen. In case there is a sudden encounter with an enemy, standing still might cost you your life.

Use your left hand’s fingers to move as your other hand is pressing on the trigger button. This finger mastery also comes handy while sniping.

Aim at the target with your left hand and use the other to shoot. You can customize your controls in the ‘Settings’ section to better suit your phone and hands.

Fast movement while shooting is key to winning your one on one combats.


To master both of these types of movements, a clear understanding of the compass is crucial. The compass not only informs you about your character’s alignment with respect to the map, but it also lets you know from which direction these noises are coming from. You will see footprints on the compass in case an opponent is nearby.

The footprints symbol is yellow when the opponent is at a distance and red if the opponent is close. Any form of gunfire will is also represented on the compass.

Master the compass and your in-game movements to always stay a few steps ahead of your enemies. Total awareness and pre-emptive movement are the two characteristics of a serial winner.


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