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The Yearlings

Here's some news from Bob & Chris...

"Well The Yearlings have been busy little one-year olds.
We haven?t really stopped since our east coast tour, which started
late June and took us from Brisbane to Adelaide in six weeks, with
highlights including a house concert in Melbourne (at those beautiful
Bonannos) and our launch in Sydney at Balmain in a gorgeous old
church. We played to a sell-out crowd full of listeners. We were lucky
enough to have Aengus Finnan play with us that night. He?s a folkie
from Canada, reminiscent of early Don McLean. We got up at the end of
the night to sing the Johnny Cash and June Carter song ?Wayfaring
Stranger? with him and Gary Brown (on slide). We turned up to a busy
little restaurant gig in Bangalow with no PA whatsoever and us
jostling for the one vocal mic, which was going through a tiny guitar
practice amp (lucky we like each other a whole lot). Chris was nearly
taken out of the picture on the road to Melbourne when he suffered a
stunning longboard injury (4 stitches plus battered surfing ego) at
We got home to a very excited three-legged dog and an out-of control
garden. We were asked to be a part of the Grand opening night of CLUB
ACOUSTICA in Adelaide. It is an intimate all acoustic all original
music night which has been successfully running in Sydney for years.
We got to open this special occasion along with Jodi Martin (she was
amazing), James Henry (Jimmy Little?s grandson who writes some
beautiful songs + very sweet voice) and Gone to Earth (melodic pop
with great harmonies).
We?re VERY proud to have been on the Qantas in-flight radio station
for the month of August.
Community radio has been very good to us and our friends in Melbourne
(3CR, RRR and PBS) have created some fantastic opportunities by
getting us to play live on their shows. After one of these shows
Melbournian Barb Waters got in touch with us and asked us support her
at the Cornish Arms with special guests Cyndi Boste ,Kim Salmon and
Ashley Davies. It was amazing to share the stage with these great
people and musicians.
It was after a Yearlings interview on PBS that Johnny Chester rang us
and said he?d heard it and wanted us to support him on a tour of
regional South Australia doing theatre shows. YES PLEASE! We got to
play Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Port Lincoln and Whyalla (where we
dedicated our set to Johnny Cash). We got very used to being
introduced by Johnny every night and told some very bad jokes on stage
just to keep up with the Chess Man. Playing these old theatres was
amazing for us as we mic up our acoustic guitars and the crowd is so
quiet that the music is alive. It was great to work with Johnny and
maybe we can do it again sometime.
Drove back from Whyalla so early in the morning in time to catch the
red eye special to Melbourne so we could support Jimmy Little at the
Corner Hotel for his album launch. It actually felt kinda nice to have
some low level noise in the background (but most of the crowd
listening), a bit like Tamworth they have rows of seating put in the
for gig. Jimmy was in great form and played a stripped back set with
Chris (Yearling) and Marty Haley from Sydney on guitars. We are really
honoured that Jimmy has put a song of ours (Before You Fall) on his
new album ?Down the Road?.
Friday 26th September we will be playing at The Fad Café, Waymouth St,
ADELAIDE, 9pm and coming up later in the year we?ve got Queenscliff
Festival in Victoria.
For the next few weeks we might just try and stay home and write some
new tunes."

Sep 26 Fad Cafe, Waymouth St, Adelaide
Oct 9 Prince Albert Hotel, Wright St, Adelaide 9pm
Oct 18 Jive, Hindley St, Adelaide, with Linus & Problem Pony
Nov 28 & 30 Queensliff Music Festival, Vic
Nov 29 Cornish Arms Hotel, Melb with Jimmy Little

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
On Friday 19th September we learnt of Slim Dusty's passing. To lose
both Johnny Cash and Slim Dusty in such a short space of time is a
heavy burden. Our love and thoughts go out to Slim's family, friends,
all his Travelling Country Band members over the years and his agents,
managers and record label. For such an enduring artist there's a huge
group of people who will be affected by Slim's passing, but his
influence and presence will be felt for many generations to come.
There's a great pickin' session going on in heaven right now!
Singer Songwriters Show
Tamworth Festival 2003
Kevin Bennett, Audrey Auld, Bill Chambers and one of the Yearlings
Kevin Bennett, Audrey Auld, Bill Chambers and one of the Yearlings
Audrey Auld and Bill Chambers
Kevin Bennett and Audrey Auld
The Yearlings
Kevin Bennett
Audrey Auld and Bill Chambers
The Yearlings
Audrey Auld
The Yearlings
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