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2005 Tamworth Summary    Artist & Friends 1     Downtown Tamworth 2005
Socially at the Pub       Music Lovers     Unusual Vehicles      Fans and Artists
Texas Rose       Dennis Hanrahan      Tamworth Bowling Club
Kasey Chambers      Travis Collins      Paul Wookey       Clelia Adams
Various Artists    Nth Queensland Showcase     Alby Pool     Rob Wilson
Hired Hands Reunion 1       Hired Hands Reunion 2     Bo Jenkins Road Train
Jedd Hughes 1  23rd     Jedd Hughes  2   23rd      Jonahs Road     Glenys Rae
Jedd Hughes  1  15th     Jedd Hughes  2   15th      Kim MacKenzie
Catherine Britt 1      Catherine Britt  2       The Baileys     The Baileys Sat  22
Tomkins Guitar Showcase  1          Tomkins Guitar Showcase  2     The Lees
Bluegrass Spectacular-TREC      Horseshoe Bend Roundup     Southbound
Finn MacCool  15th        Finn MacCool  1  23rd        Finn MacCool  2  23rd
Sovereign, Martin Oakes, Tom Curtain   Dianna Corcoran    Acoustic Pirates
Bobby Cash          Aleyce Simmonds    Adam Harvey 1      Adam Harvey 2
Leslie Avril  Sun 16th     Leslie Avril  Fri 21st      Donella Dolly Show
Maton Showcase with Lee Kernaghan       Lee Kernaghan       Josh Canning
Handpicked      Uncle Bob's Jug Band       Sandra        The Sommers Family
Davidson Brothers Fri 1    Davidson Brothers Fri  2    Davidson Brothers Sat
De Gruchy Showcase  4    Andy Baylor's Cajun Combo   Red Hot Poker Dots
De Gruchy Showcase  1       De Gruchy Showcase  2     De Gruchy Showcase  3
Troy Cassar-Daley & Sara Storer  1           Troy Cassar-Daley & Sara Storer  2
Fender Jam  5           Fender Jam  6       Fender Jam  7     Fender  Workshop 
Fender Jam  1          Fender Jam  2        Fender Jam  3       Fender Jam  4
The Fuelers           Bluegrass Allstars    The Vibe      The Goodies Show
Chrome Daddies      Michael Bryers    Doug Dekroo & Lonesome Train
Barramundi Bros.   Wanita with the Lucky Bastards     Basalt River Boys
Gatorbait    Luella & The Heelers    Sweetie Darlin Sweetie  The Flood
Stuey French Pickers 1     Stuey French Pickers 2    Stuey French Pickers  3
Feral Swing Katz    Kerry Kennedy & Double Barrel    Audrey Auld Mezer
Bill Chambers & Guests Thur Page 1     Bill Chambers & Guests Thur Page 2
Bill Chambers & Guests Wed page 1      Bill Chambers & Guests Wed page 2
Bill Chambers & Guests Tues page 1   Bill Chambers & Guests Tues page 2
Bill Chambers & Guests Mon page 1     Bill Chambers & Guests Mon page 2
Andrew Clermont 's Supper Club       Rod Dowsett       Col Finley
CMAA 2005 College Graduate Concert     Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys
Fiddlers Festival      Daniel Thompson
Matt Scullion & The Lost Moments       Jake Nickolai       Mike Woods
Ladies of Country         Detonators          Greg Champion
Rob Luckey & The Lucky Bastards        Travis List         Jeff Gibson 
Amber Lawrence        Billy Bridge     The Warratahs       Peggy White


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