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Tamworth Festival Photos 2004
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 Adam Harvey (Male Vocalist)       Alby Pool         Travis Collins (2004 Starmaker)
Treacle Line        The Denahy's             John Wibberley 
Kim Cheshire's Suburban Voodoo        Paul Hicks         The Flood
Handpicked        Finn MacCool        Finn MacCool 2     
Fender Jam   1         Fender Jam 2             Fender Jam 3   
Road to Tamworth Final                        Road to Tamworth Grand Final
Andy Baylor's Cajun Combo                Barramundi Brothers
Travis List                   Brent Parlane         The Harrisons     Michael Bryers
Southbound            Bobby Cash     Jonahs Road
Beeza not Brooks          Those Gals            Sweeney - Killeen
Melinda Schneider       Jimmy Little           Shane Teinake
Corb Lund Band        Ladies of Country               The Goodies Show

 Tamworth Photo's  2003

Click on Artists and Shows

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Tamworth Summary        Artists and Friends            Artists and Friends 2
Partners on Stage               Little Music Lovers            Artists and partners
Music Lovers  1                       Music Lovers  2               Pub Music Lovers
Southbound              Sensitive New Age Cowpersons         Flamin' Locos
Toe Sucking Cowgirls             Limestone          Karen Lynne & Acoustic Shock
Blues Cowboys  1         Blues Cowboys  2           Blues Cowboys  3      Jonah's Road
Josh Canning        Phil Emmanuel        Barramunddi  Bros       Pixie  Jenkins
Jane Saunders               Greg Champion         Chad Morgan         Norm Price 
Bruce McCumstie          Donella as "Dolly"           Country & Wilson (Ross)
Crakajak         Steve Forde & The Flange      Shane Flew       Daniel Thompson
The Cartwheels          Alamo               Blowflies                Smokin' Guns
Feral Swing Katz 1            Feral Swing Katz 2       Feral Swing Katz 3  
Tarscha         Tex Dubbo (Troy Cassar-Daley)          Tall Timbre     
De Gruchy Show 1             De Gruchy Show 2              De Gruchy Show 3
Fiddlers Festival 1                Fiddlers Festival 2             Camille Te Nahu
Palmer Bros.           Mick  Moffitt  Bluegrass Jam            Nth.Queensland Showcase
Leslie Avril 1                         Leslie Avril 2                          Leslie Avril 3
Finn MacCool  1                  Finn MacCool  2                    Finn MacCool 3
FBI  Thursday Night            FBI Saturday  1                     FBI Saturday  2
Fender Jam 1                        Fender Jam 2                       Fender Jam 3 
Fender Jam 4                        Bill Chambers Band 1        Bill Chambers Band 2
Hunter & Suzy Owens        Hillbilly Lovechild                The Denahy's
Tribute to Joy McKean 1          Tribute to Joy McKean 2          Mike Woods
SKL Blues Band               Brent Parlane           Kieran Lancini
Bostock              (Some) CCMA Showcase Photos            Deep Creek
Sweeney & Killeen                  Pam Spencer Band               The Bourkenbacks
Matt Corcoran                          Kenny Joe Blake          Red Hot Poker Dots
Sally-Anne Whitten                  Texas Rose                        3 way Split
Jamboree  (Countdown)            Phill Deeh               The Goodies Show
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