Tamworth Rage Page
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Tamworth Country
Music Festival 2006
Social at The Pub
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           Kelly Kane and dad John
John and Doug
Andy Swan
Andy and Sam (both from Leslie Avril's Band)
Ed and Gary
Helen Shields, Dave Hibbert and Vicki
Travis List and girlfriend
Suzi Talevska and Brian Robson
Suzi and Brian
Brian and Val
Melody, Alby and Lyn
Bruce McCumstie, Stuie French, Camille Te Nahu and Danny Mack
Leslie with friends
Bronwyn Stephens
Carmel Carr First time ever and loved every minute, Sandra O’Neill Fifth Tamworth
Maggie Inches Third time,  Evelyn Keane Twelfth Tamworth,
Tony Orr Twelfth Tamworth, Albert Walsh Fifth Tamworth

Sharon and Kate
Bev, Bruce and Bert
Deb and Ronnie
Craig Stewart and mate having a great time!!
Val and Ronnie
Print out and have the memories