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Nelson Bay  RSL
Port Stephens 
Country Weekend
Starring Beccy Cole, Darren Coggan and Beckie Willis
Sunday Page 1
Sunday, June 13th 2004
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Matt Hanley                             BTeam                     Sean Rudd
Mal Lancaster                  BTEAM                 Sean Rudd
Clare O'Meara
Beccy Willis with Sean Rudd
Beckie Willis playing harp
Darren Coggan
Mick Albeck and Darren Coggan
Mick A;beck, Stuey French, Mal Lancaster(Drums) Beccy Cole (Bass) and Beckie Willis
Mick Albeck, Stuey French and Beccy Cole
Mick Albeck and Stuey French
Stuey French, Beccy Cole and Beckie Willis
Mick Albeck and Beccy Cole
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