Tamworth Rage Page
Helen is no longer updating this website
Helen from Ragepage was over the moon on Saturday Night at Matt Maloney's 50th Birthday party.  Johnny Green singing Slim Dusty, Merle Haggard and even Chad Morgan songs plus her favourite female singer Brooke Harvey sang up a storm.  Helen is hoping one day that Brooke will bring out a Country CD.   Have a wonderful Year Matt!
Photos Courtesy of Patsy as Helen accidentally left her good camera at home.  Thank you Patsy!!
Matt Maloney (Black Tshirt)  with Some of the Blues Cowboys band
Plus his step Daughter Brook Harvey with fiancée Damian playing drum
Rory Maloney  Matt's daughter                                       Loraine Matt's wife and Brook and Simone's mum
Matt thanking everyone for coming
Matt with his mum Marie
Fay and Loraine
Shayne, Simone and Rory
Darrel and Matt
Brooke and her mum Loraine
Jane and Ezra
Print out and have the memories