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Jedd Hughes is the quintessential country music gentleman poised with the human compassion of Johnny Cash, the vocal prowess of Tim McGraw, and a dimpled smile that can light up a room in an instant like Alan Jackson. The stars must have been particularly luminous on the day Hughes was born on March 31, 1982. His birth place of Quorn (pronounced "corn") in the south of Australia proved to be a fertile ground for his melodic guitar style and his songwriting mettle to convey heart-felt emotions in his lyrics. His talents have garnered him Australia's most coveted award The Golden Guitar in 2005 for Best New Artist of the Year after his debut album Transcontinental on MCA Records hit store shelves in 2004. The album features guest performances by Patty Loveless on the mellifluous ballad "Soldier For The Lonely" and Alison Krauss on the tuneful sonorous of "The Only Girl In Town."

Hughes recounts, "I met Alison on the Down From The Mountain tour with Patty and asked her to sing on it after I recorded it. I was pretty freaked out to have one of the purest and most beautiful voices in the world singing on the album."
Krauss and Hughes have that mysterious ability to create beautiful mirages in their songs. Hughes began tapping into his talent to sing as a lad while growing up in Australia. "When I was about 4, I remember singing with my Dad at family reunions and parties. I would only agree to sing if I could hide under the table so I didn't have to look at anybody."
His shyness started to wane as his performances became more frequent. "Being involved in music and performing has certainly helped with my confidence as a person. There's a lot of self-satisfaction in a strong work ethic and total enjoyment as well when it's something you love."
His Dad showed him how to enhance the experience of making music by playing the guitar. "My Dad started to teach me some guitar chords when I was 8. I had a guitar teacher for two years after that so I could learn some basic theory. It didn't interest me too much - the theory and note reading, so I basically taught myself at home with help from my Dad."
He relates that some of his early musical influences included, "Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty, my Dad, Vince Gill, and The Beatles."
Hughes reflects, "I certainly gravitate towards older people as friends and heroes and have always done so."
The diversity of Hughes' listening experiences when he was growing up instilled in him an open minded attitude about music. "I believe the biggest and best creative possibilities lie in combining elements from all genres. For me personally, my music always ends up with a country direction because that's what runs in my blood. There's no way to escape it or deny it and I wouldn't want to. I stay up with all the latest indie and rock n' roll bands because I think that's what keeps all music fresh and relevant for young people."
When it comes to his own live shows, he correlates, "Well, I hope to make the best impression that I can. I hope people walk away feeling like it was a pretty diverse set, material wise."
Hughes began playing live for audiences outside of his family at the age of 8, beginning with the Port Pirie Country Music Festival in Australia. "Port Pirie is about an hour and a half from where I grew up. I heard an ad on the local radio station one day and asked my Mum and Dad if I could go sing and compete in the Talent Quest. They said I could go the following year if I practiced and I did, every week for a year. I wasn't playing guitar yet so my Dad played with me and I sang a song called Big Bad Bush Bushranger' and won first place which was 100 dollars and a trophy! I thought I was rich."
As doors were being opened to jump start his solo career, Hughes mentions that other parts of this life were being forsaken. "It definitely comes with a price, though, as I don't spend near as much time with my family and friends as other people I know."
Gradually he was learning to be on his own with a guitar strapped on his back and living out of vehicles that transported him from town to town to play shows. At 12 years old, he was chosen to represent Australia in the International Music For Youth Festival which would encompass performances in France, Belgium, and Sweden alongside other aspiring young musicians from around the world.
"Europe at 12 years old was a really amazing experience," he enthuses, "I was a big young to make any real friends but I have some great memories."
At this point, there was no doubt in Hughes mind that he wanted to be a professional musician. "I quit high school at 17 and went on the road with a band in Australia to save money to put myself through college. I was also playing with that band on weekends."
A close friend of his, Kym Warner would convince Hughes to attend South Plains College in Levelland, Texas to pursue his training in music. Hughes reminisces about that time, "I met Kym when I was 10 years old and he was the coolest guy I knew because he played electric guitar and mandolin and he could play really fast. A few years later, he turned me on to bluegrass music."
He recalls, "Kym turned me on to South Plains College and I started there in the Fall of 2000. It was such a great time. I had so much fun and learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I was playing in a band on weekends and traveling all over Texas."
Hughes met musician-songwriter, Terry McBride while attending South Plains College. McBride was teaching a workshop there and would be the one to encourage Hughes to audition for Patty Loveless' band for her Down From The Mountain tour in 2002. Hughes recollects, "I moved to Nashville in March of 2002 and lived south of town in Antioch. It was pretty much the opposite of the environment I grew up in. I was playing music night and day in my apartment till I got the job with Patty Loveless."
He reveals, "I heard about the audition through Terry McBride, who I was writing songs with at the time. I learned about 40 of Patty's song to be as prepared as I could. We played about 6 of the 40 at the audition and I was more nervous than I'd ever been."
He looks back on that experience as a sideman for Loveless with sheer honor as he expresses, "It was an incredibly exciting time. My favorite memory was singing with Patty at a soundcheck in Los Angeles at The Greek Theatre in front of my parents."
After the tour with Loveless, he would receive the news from McBride that MCA Records wanted to offer him a record deal. His debut album Transcontinental on MCA would contain the songs that he and McBride wrote together. The lead off single was "High Lonesome," a title that sounds like something Clint Eastwood would want to make a movie for if he was still making spaghetti westerns.
"I really wanted High Lonesome' to be the first single," he admits, "because I thought it was a good country song. The director Brent Hedgecock (for the music video) came up with the script for it and we had a blast shooting it in Italy and Amsterdam. It wasn't hard at all because everyone around me was speaking a different language so if they were making fun of me then I couldn't understand them anyway."
Also on the album is a re-make of the Gram Parsons song "Luxury Liner" which Hughes shares, "I wanted to record a Gram Parsons song for the album and have always loved that particular one. I didn't feel like Transcontinental would be complete without a Gram song."
Not included on Transcontinental but a song which Hughes beautifully penned was "Brass Bed." He pitched that song to 3rd season American Idol finalist Josh Gracin who recorded the song for his debut album and it proved to be a major hit for Gracin. "I've never felt like I could sing the song," Hughes confesses, "so I pitched it to Josh. I actually haven't even played it since the day I wrote it."
Living in Nashville for the last five years, Hughes remarks, "The people here I look up to have been nothing but extremely encouraging and welcoming."
Hughes has found a comfortable niche for himself in the country music industry. Since the release of Transcontinental, he has played alongside country music's premier artists like Keith Urban, Sugarland, Little Big Town, Catherine Britt, Dierks Bentley, as well as some of the industry's veterans like Gary Allen, Union Station, The Del McCoury Band, and Rodney Crowell. Additionally, Hughes has become a virtual mainstay at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas every summer.
He examines, "The last couple of years have been the hardest for me. The learning curve has been pretty severe at times and you don't get a lot of time to have fun. That being said, I still find time for that."
Hughes was able to break away from the grind of his tour one day in 2004 and purchased a rare George Jones t-shirt from a vintage shop in Atlanta, Georgia. He muses, "It's taken me through most of the US and back home to Australia. The George shirt is still in good shape and I wear it on special occasions."
He acknowledges the differences in being a sideman from being a frontman are apparent to him now. "The transition wasn't as easy as I thought from sideman to frontman. I haven't had the luxury of a big band either which puts a lot more on me as a player as well."
After a concert, Hughes is usually found packing his own gear because he does not have the luxury of paying for roadies. Unhampered by the stress, he asserts, "I'm ready to make another album."
Presently signed to Capitol Records, he is recording material for his second album, but still manages to find time to have fun. On his myspace site, he describes how he became the proud papa of a young Labrador Retriever who needed to be rescued from an animal shelter as well as becoming an overly ecstatic uncle to his brother's newborn daughter. His other playtime activities have included brazenly getting a tattoo, watching every episode of Flight Of The Conchords and visiting the Grand Canyon and then making a side trip to dip his feet into the Colorado River. No adventure is too overwhelming for this roaming bard who lives my the axiom that you only live once. Hughes has found joy in the simple pleasures that life offer and in many ways, making music opened his eyes and soul to finding that happiness.
"I would say that learning to play an instrument, even very basically, can lead to an enormous amount of happiness and isn't that why we are here?"
Hughes' second album is due out any day and in the meanwhile, he has a bevy of club shows throughout Tennessee and Virginia which will take him into the upcoming holidays.
Jedd’s MySpace traffic really picked up after he opened the show for Dierks and Gary Allan on August 11th. He had an influx of messages and comments from those who attended the show as well as an increase in friend requests. He has 2690 friends as of today.

A new publishing deal is in the works for Jedd as we speak and will hopefully be finalized by the end of September.

Jedd has several shows coming up where he is going to be opening up acoustically for various artists. We are also working on getting some shows in Nashville for the band to play. We are looking forward to what is to come!

Aug. 30 Blue Cats (w/Luke Bryan) Knoxville, TN 10pm
Sept. 4 Eddie’s Attic (w/Sean McConnell) Atlanta, GA 7 pm
Sept. 5 Georgia Theatre (w/Pat Green) Athens, GA 9pm
Sept. 6 Leid Center Benefit (w/Sarah Buxton) Lawrence, KS 7pm
Sept. 30 Neighborhood Theatre (w/Rodney Crowell) Charlotte, NC 8pm
Oct. 2 Ashland Coffee & Tea (w/Rodney Crowell) Ashland, VA 8pm
Oct. 3 The Barns at Wolftrap (w/Rodney Crowell) Vienna, VA 8pm
Oct. 4 Sellersville Theatre 1894 (w/Rodney Crowell) Sellersville, PA 8pm
Hey everybody!
We've just completely revamped the myspace   http://www.myspace.com/jeddhughes with new music
from the upcoming album and new pics live and in the studio!.
Check it out and let me know what you think!
I'm trying to get as much new traffic to the site as possible
so any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers jedd

We have finally moved Jedd’s website over to the Capitol server and have it redirecting to his Myspace page while we are developing his new site. We have touched up some photos from his shoot with Jeremy Cowart and are working with the creative folks at Capitol to create some new artwork for his Myspace page as well as his new website. It is in the works to give Jedd a presence on facebook.com as well.

Jedd has been busy writing and has some great co-writes coming up. Last year he wrote over 80 songs, and is on his way to beating that this year. So far he has written 26 songs this year. Jedd will be doing song demos for the next few days.

The new Greencards Record Viridian, released on Dualtone Records March 6, contains 3 of Jedd’s songs. The titles are “Waiting on the Night” (w/ Carol Young), “Here You Are” and “All The Way From Italy” (w/ Kym Warner).

David Nail has cut Jedd’s song “Follow Me” (w/ Travis Hill) for his new project on Universal Records, that is being produced by Frank Liddell. The release date is yet to be determined.

We had a meeting with William Morris last week to discuss getting some regional dates for Jedd and his band to play. Using a grass roots approach, we are looking at doing dates in the major markets and various places within a 750 mile radius of Nashville possibly starting in July or August. We hope to involve Henry Glascock of Outback Concerts in developing regional markets.

Jedd’s new band is made up of Ryan Wariner on Guitar, James Cook on Bass, Derek Mixon on Drums, and Bradley “Reggie” Smith on Keys. They are starting to play some dates around town, and we would love for you to come and check them out. We will send reminders out before each show with more details.

April 27 The Rutledge Nashville, TN 10 p.m.
May 5 Grimey’s Outdoor Tent Sale Nashville, TN Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
May 8 NARAS Block Party Nashville, TN Time TBA
May 19 The Basement Nashville, TN 10:45 p.m.
June 2 12 South Taproom Nashville, TN Time TBA
June 7 Chevy Stage – CMA Music Fest Nashville, TN 3:30 p.m.
June 29 12 South Taproom Nashville, TN Time TBACheers,
Jedd joins Keith's in Video playing mandolin
from http://www.countryweekly.com

Keith Urban was in San Francisco filming the video for his new single, “Once in a Lifetime.”
They drew a crowd of interested onlookers as Keith and his band rocked at the end of a small pier, performing
the song with the city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
The band was joined by young Australian star Jedd Hughes on mandolin. Keith’s “Once in a Lifetime”
single was recently released and is the first track from his upcoming, as-yet-untitled new CD,
scheduled to hit stores Nov. 7.   Click here for Keith Urban's Artist Report Page
Jake Nickolai, Jedd Hughes, Col Finley, Jessica Belle, Sherrie Austin, Sally Bunnell (a US country music journalist)
 Caitlin Evanson, Catherine Britt and Tim Holland (The Music Network)
Some of the Australians in living and recording in Nashville
(Photo Courtesy of Kerry Roberts)
Jedd at the Missouri State Fair
Courtesy of Bethany Rowell
Make room Keith, a new Aussie is in town
(Article in the Tennessean)

From: Jami McMahon/Denise Stiff
Jedd is one of the marquee players in Guitar One Magazine’s article on Young New Guitar Heroes. It is on newsstands now.
Before Jedd’s show with Dierks Bentley in Scottsdale, AZ, he did an interview with Jarrod from Acountry.com . He is going to post the article on the website along with a couple pictures of Jedd from the interview.

Jedd is confirmed to play West Virginia Public Radio Show “Mountain Stage” on Sunday, August 14th. Other acts on the almost all-Aussie show are Kasey Chambers and the Greencards.

Jedd participated in the Key West Songwriters Festival in Key West, FL. He performed several different shows as well as made several new writing connections.

Jedd, Terry McBride, and Brett James’ Josh Gracin single, “Stay With Me (Brass Bed)”, is up to #29 on Billboard Country Single Chart and #22 on the Music Row Chart. Josh just finished shooting his video for the song.

Jedd has the title song,” Weather and Water” and “The Ghost of Who We Were” on the Greencards’ debut album just released on Dualtone Records (June 28th).

Jedd has a new guitar endorsement with Duesenberg Guitars out of Germany.
Shure Microphones is also doing an endorsement deal with Jedd.
Australian Artists at Nashville Fan Fair 2005
Aleyce Simmonds and Jedd
2005 CMA Music Festival (a.k.a. Fan Fair) held in Nashville June 6, and Australian artists were well represented.
To see the full line-up of the week’s activities along with artist photos from Fan Fairs, visit http://www.countrymusictravel.com/www/id16.html
Jedd with fans in Dallas courtesy of Suzanne Sexton
Jedd in Dallas courtesy of Suzanne Sexton
Jedd and Michael courtesy of Suzanne Sexton
Jedd checking out Suzanne's Kookaburra tattoo (from Jedd's cd)
Hi Everyone!!,
I have a day off in Charlston WV so I'm hogging the computer catching up on emails. I just love seeing the photos on Ragepage and hearing what everyone's up to!. As you guys probably know I'm sharing a house with Kym and Carol from "The Greencards". Words cant explain how happy I am for those guys and there upcoming tour with Bob Dylan!!! Is there anything bigger??. I was almost kicked out of a restaurant for swearing out loud when Kym called me with the news!.
I've been on the road pretty heavily since January. The Golden Guitar was a complete surprise, I've never felt so overwhelmed and speechless in my life. I'm really hoping to get back for the festival next year and to also be involved with the College.  I attended eight years ago when I was 15, geez where did that time go?.  We are doing a lot of driving in the van but now have a tour manager called Otto.  He's a mate of mine from South Plains College TX.  Needless to say the 12 hour drives are a little easier.  Im really looking forward to getting out on the road with Rodney Crowell this summer. We are making a quick trip to Ireland for a TV show next month and then doing a longer European tour over the summer as well as US dates.  Ive been writing all my new songs on my new De Gruchy guitar that I picked up while I was at home. Vince Gill was eyeing it off last time I was at the Opry.  Its mine Mr Gill, MINE!!. Joking aside, I get a lot of questions about Bryan's exceptional guitars.  Kym, Eamon and I went and checked out Chris Thile last week in Nashville. Truly humbling.  I'm hoping to make it home at some stage this year to do some playing, so hope to see you all then. Big Love Jedd
P.S I miss KB and The Flood
P.P.S Sam Hawksley ROCKS
Jedd and Band at Missouri USA Shows
Photos courtesy of Bethany Rowell
Here are a few pictures from Jedd's shows on Wednesday and Thursday. Kansas City, Missouri show, also Jedd and Tom (Drummer) at Springfield, Missouri... The guys had an awesome time there and the shows were amazing.
 Jedd - Kansas City, Missouri USA
Kevin - Kansas City, Missouri USA
 Jedd - Springfield Missouri USA.
Tom - Springfield Missouri USA.
Part of "The Greencards" Report 
We're all done in the studio recording our second album. The new album,
"Weather and Water" will be released sometime before the Bob and Willie tour (we hear from our record company that it will also be released at the same time down there in Australia).  The title track was written by Jedd Hughes, with Jedd also adding the harmony to the song...it means a lot to us to have Jedd on the album again. The first single off the record is "Time"...we hope the video will be done by May...I can't believe we'll be making our first video!
The 5 photos below are Courtesy of Suzanne Sexton
Jedd Hughes show in Biloxi Crawfish Festival USA. It was amazing..as expected!
Jedd Hughes
Suz, Jedd & Tony
April 11, 2005
From: Jami McMahon/Denise Stiff

Country Weekly is doing a story in their upcoming fashion issue on "What Makes a Best Dressed Woman," and they asked for a response from Jedd.   In case you were wondering what his quote was…. “I like to see the reflection of a girls personality in what she wears. "Fun and sexy" are my favorite qualities in a well dressed woman.” -Jedd Hughes

Jedd will be doing a interview with The Sun Herald for an upcoming feature on Jedd’s performance with Gary Allan at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum on Saturday April 16.

Jedd did an interview with KXGE in Cedar Rapids to promote his show with Lonestar on Saturday, April 9th @ The US Cellular Center.

Jedd is going to be doing a full band acoustic listener appreciation show in honor of “Secretary’s Day”, April 25, in Charlestown, VA for WXBQ.

Jedd and Terry McBride have the new Josh Gracin single. On the album, it’s titled “Brass Bed”; however, the radio single is being promoted as “

The Greencards have recorded two songs of Jedd’s for their debut album on Dualtone Records, including the title track, “Weather and Water” and “The Ghost of Who We Were”.

Jedd did a fantastic performance at Tin Pan South on Wednesday April 6th with Patrick Davis, Dierks Bentley and Randy Rogers. The place was packed and Jedd was definitely the MVP.

The dates with Dierks have been going great, and he is a huge supporter of Jedd.

Jedd will be doing some dates with Rodney Crowell later this year. He’ll be a part of Rodney’s band, but also have an opening slot. It will be billed as “Rodney Crowell and the Outsiders featuring Will Kimbrough and Jedd Hughes”.

October 15 Foothills Fall Festival – WIVK Maryville, TN
(w/ Lonestar, John Michael Montgomery, & Patty Loveless)

October 21 & 24 Dollywood Pigeon Forge, TN

Note: There are additional dates in the works; we will keep you up-to-date.

Neil Haislop's Nashville Update News for Mon., Apr. 11, 2005
Check out the writers of Josh Gracin's new single, "Stay With Me (Brass Bed)" and note that multi-talented singer, picker, JEDD HUGHES is a co-writer on the song.
Jedd participated in a live radio show from Muscle Shoals with two other artists, David Nail and George Canyon last week which is archived and can be viewed on the link below. Just follow the props and tips for viewing and enjoy some new material Jedd has written over the past few months. http://www.wxfl.com/webcast.htm
Congratulations Jedd!!
 New Talent of the Year
from Glen Hughes
Well as most of you are probably aware by now, Jedd took out the prestigious title of New Talent of the Year in Tamworth last week, and sent Lil and I home with his first Golden Guitar, which is sitting proudly on our mantle piece in Mildura.

We feel very privileged to have watched the past fourteen years unfold, from his very first (Silver Guitar) win at the Port Pirie Festival in 1990, to performing on The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville last year, playing his first Australian show in Blazes, at West Tamworth Leagues Club, then being presented with his first Golden Guitar at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre.

The ride has been nothing short of amazing, and Tamworth has kicked started what looks like being a huge year for Jedd.  His second single Soldier For The Lonely was released to radio today, and has come in on 24 / 7 charts at No. 55. He arrived back in USA today and flew straight to San Diego to open for Lee Ann Womack.
He will be shooting a new Video Clip of SFTL next month, which we should see on CMC soon after.

Hello Everyone,
2004 was a great year and we are looking forward to an even better 2005.
We thought you would enjoy reading some "Fun Facts" and Press Quotes on Jedd from last year.
All the best,
Jami McMahon
DS Management
Jedd Fun Facts From 2004
• Opened for: Hank Williams, Jr., Brad Paisley, Gary Allan, Dierks Bentley, Sugarland, Pat Green, Sara Evans, Jimmy Wayne, Josh Gracin, Jack Ingram

• Played 91 dates in 28 different states (includes radio and festivals)

• Participated in 4 festivals: SXSW, Crossroads Guitar Festival, Country Music Festival, and the Gram Parsons Festival.

• Performed for talent buyers at the IEBA convention

• Was selected to showcase at the 2005 NACA National Convention in Minneapolis (College Talent Buyers)

• Participated in the All About Music Film and Television Retreat

• Made Grand Ole Opry Debut

• “High Lonesome” was downloaded 67,000 times on iTunes

• “High Lonesome” received 100,000 audio streams at launch.com on the 1st week it was released

• Made video of “High Lonesome” and received play on CMT, GAC and VH-1 Country

• #1 video on CMC in Australia (like our CMT)

• “High Lonesome” was the “Discovery Single of the Week” on iTunes during release week.

Nominated for three Golden Guitar Awards (Australian Country Music Awards) Male Vocalist of the Year, New Talent of the Year and Single of the Year.

. Was awarded Golden Guitar as New Talent of the Year.

Press Quotes
• "Hughes is a 22-year-old triple threat: a singer/guitarist/songwriter in the vein of Vince Gill and fellow Australian Keith Urban.
A sweet tenor that will melt your heart and sure-fingered picking that will blow your mind." - USA TODAY

• 4 To Watch For - "...amazing is how a lot of people describe Hughes' guitar playing, which combines a dazzling technique with an infectiously free wheeling spirit." - PASTE
• "Hughes has absorbed the musical and lyrical essence of country music, even a world away from Nashville. However he came by his country calling Hughes has it." - PEOPLE

• "Best Newcomer" "This Australian guitar slinger can shred nasty and croon pretty. He also does a mean version of "Luxury Liner."

• ** (Critic's choice) Aussie guitar slinger Jedd Hughes makes an auspicious debut here...showcasing chops a plenty...like his triple threat brethren Vince Gill and Keith Urban." - BILLBOARD

• "(Hughes) an up-and-coming songwriter shows early signs of longevity and fresh creativity..." - AMERICAN SONGWRTIER

• "...charmer touched with Gram Parsons' country rock, the thrumming momentum of Johnny Cash and tinges of Beatlesque psychedelia." - COUNTRY WEEKLY

• “I can’t recall a more poignant lyric than ‘I could never drink enough to drink you off my mind’ and, from the same song, Time To Say Goodnight, if I hear a more memorable hook this year I’ll eat my keyboard.” – WHERE’S ERIC! (Clapton’s Magazine)

“…wonder kid Jedd Hughes has taken his act solo with a persuasive debut, Transcontinental. Deftly drawing from several influences – all while maintaining a distinctly country vibe.” – GUITAR ONE
 Jedd just rang from his office in Nashville with the news that his first single High Lonesome has made TOP FIVE in three categories of The Golden Guitar Awards, with the winners being announced in Tamworth, January 15th 2005.
He is very happy, and we are very proud!!!!!!!
His finalist nominations are, New Talent Of The Year, Single Of The Year, & Male Vocalist Of The Year.
Male Vocalist - Jedd Hughes, Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam Brand, Adam Harvey Graeme Connors
New Talent - Jedd Hughes, Travis Collins, Jonah's Road, Tom Curtain and Carla Herrod
Single - Jedd Hughes, Kasey Chambers,. Slim Dusty, Lee Kernaghan & Col Buchanan and Melinda Schneider
Congratulations Jedd !!  from Ragepage.
From Down Under to top of country
Australian Jedd Hughes is making a name for himself in American country music.

(click here)
The Wichita Eagle
Jedd Hughes isn't the usual kind of country music performer, but then again, he isn't from the usual country. A native of the small town of Quorn in southern Australia, 22-year-old Hughes has lately been making a name for himself in the quintessentially American field of country music. With rave reviews for his aptly titled debut album, "Transcontinental," Hughes is rolling into town for a concert tonight at the Cotillion with headliner Gary Allen, and he's enjoying the travel across the country.

"It's a fantastic way to see America. Just unbelievable," Hughes said in a telephone interview from his new home in Nashville. "A couple of weeks ago I was in California and Utah, then to the Dakotas and Montana and down to Texas and Florida, and New York for a couple of weeks before that. It's great to see all those places."

Hughes' unlikely journey to those places began when he was a young boy flipping through his father's record collection, and started hearing American stories told in country music.

"I got into country music through my dad, who has always sung and played guitar. He's got a great vinyl record collection, and when I was about four or five I started listening to the records he would play in the house," Hughes said.

"He was playing a lot of Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty -- who was an Australian artist -- and all kinds of things. Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Marty Robbins. I just fell in love with the stories, and gradually started falling in love with the guitar-playing on those records. It led me to want to play guitar."

Guitar-playing in turn led Hughes to South Plains College in Levelland, Texas, where he was granted a scholarship to study in the school's unusual and highly touted bluegrass program.

A child prodigy who had toured Europe at age 12 as Australia's representative in the International Music for Youth Festival, Hughes quickly impressed American listeners. Within weeks of moving to Nashville in 2002 he was playing lead guitar in Patty Loveless' band, and then landed a contract with MCA Nashville.

His first recording for the label features a range of styles, from "alt-rock" pioneer Gram Parsons' "Luxury Liner" to the more purely bluegrass sound of "I'll Keep Moving." He even incorporates a bit of Australian country music, which after all, shares the same roots in Scots-Irish folk traditions, but says that American country benefits from its unique African-American influences.

"In Australian music, especially the older melodies, there weren't any blue notes, as you'd call them. It's all very major scale melodic-oriented, with no blue notes in it at all."

The wide range of influences, along with Hughes' distinctly Australian accent and rock 'n' roll looks, makes it hard to say exactly where he'll into fit into the contemporary country music scene. He's content to let the marketing department at MCA worry about that, though.

"I just try to write songs that I feel like are good songs, and make the best music I can," Hughes said. "If it fits here and fits there and fits in different places, that's great. If a person who buys Tom Petty records buys mine, that's fine. If someone buys it who likes Alan Jackson, that's great, too."
Bud Norman, who hails Up Over, can be reached at 268-6524 or by e-mail at bnorman@wichitaeagle.com 

Canada's COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS paper Oct 2004 Vol 25 # 7
Page 11: Features album reviews for ADAM HARVEY, JEDD HUGHES,
Click here article written about Jedd in PASTE Magazine, .
Shortcut to: http://www.pastemagazine.com/action/article?article_id=948

 Jedd's Update
Jedd participated in the IEBA convention on October 11th, by doing a 20 min. set for all of the entertainment buyers that attended the convention. The set went over great and generated interest in Jedd and some bookings for next year.
Neal Haislop gave a wonderful review of Jedd's show that he did at the Key Club-Plush Lounge in West Hollywood on October 12th.
While Richard Marx was rockin' the upstairs stage of the swank Key Club on L.A.'s legendary Sunset Strip last night, Jedd Hughes was downstairs singing and playing a killer acoustic guitar, snare and bass set for an intimate showcase.
The 22 year-old Aussie is making a name for himself as a first rate picker...but his fortune lies in his voice and the great original songs he's capable of writing. Self-penned tunes like "Time To Say Goodnight (Sweet Dreams Baby) and especially, "Soldier for the Lonely," are just a couple of the first rate, unforgettable songs on his debut CD, TRANSCONTINENTAL.  If he's appearing in your neck of the woods, see him for yourself, you'll want to remember the first time you experienced a talent of a new star that will be around for a long, long time.
Neil Haislop's Nashville Update 14/10/04

Jedd was featured in Paste Magazine as one of the "4 To Watch For".
A picture of Jedd and some lovely ladies will appear in the October 26th Issue of Country Weekly magazine. They have included a picture from when Jedd was a celebrity judge at the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest in Otsego Michigan.

"Transcontinental" was reviewed by Billboard Magazine in the September 25th issue and was noted with a which is "The Critic's choice for: New releases, regardless of chart potential, highly recommended because of their musical merit."
While Jedd was in Lubbock, TX he went back to South Plains College where he did interviews for the Lubbock Journal and for the South Plains College newspaper.
"High Lonesome" hit #1 on CMC in Australia and is getting a great deal of airplay.
Jedd was in Miami, FL on Oct. 3 to participate in the 99.9 KISS Country Dolphins Tailgate Series. This was a free concert/tailgate party that WKIS FM puts on before each Miami Dolphins Home Game.

On October 8, Jedd headed to Atlantic City to participate in The Cat Country Backyard BBQ. During this event they go to a winner's house for a backyard party in which they can invite 50-100 friends. The radio station provides the winner with a new Weber Gas Grill, Food, Games. Jedd will play for 30 minutes, sign autographs, and pose for photos.

Jedd & Band have been busy this week, hauling themselves back to where Jedd's USA adventures all started, four years ago, South Plains College, Level Land, Texas. Their show was very well received with many ex and current students and instructors in attendance.
High Lonesome is again hanging on to No.2 on CMC, again for the second week. Thanks once again to all who have been requesting.
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Hughes emerges as new generation country superstar
High Lonesome Hits No.2 On CMC
After 3 weeks in the charts, Jedd's clip has reached No.2!!!!!!!!!!! Well done to all who have been requesting.
His album Transcontinental will be released in Australia this Monday, 30th, through Sanity Stores.
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Debuting Now
Australian born Jedd Hughes will make his debut on the ChartCountry top fourty next week
Jedd's Update
Jedd was thrilled that Keith Urban and Keith’s mum were
surprise guests along with Patty Loveless at his show at BB Kings last Wednesday night in
Nashville. Patty got up and sang the harmonies on the song Soldier For The Lonely.
 The album was released Tuesday, August 31st and was featured in the iTunes newsletter for that week which goes out to 2 million iTunes customers.
Transcontinental is #4 Top Country Album on iTunes this week.
Prior to the album release, ABC/Newsome out of New York worked with Amber Williams to put together a 45 second informational spot Jedd that was digitally serviced to all of their nationwide affiliates for use in their 2-3 minute music segments. It was picked up by 18 different markets which marked a RECORD for the number of dubs picked up. This put him even with the competition and good company of LL Cool J, Ray Charles, Jill Scott and Papa Roach, all of which were sent out the same day.

Transcontinental was reviewed by USA today and People Magazine, both of which gave the album 3 out of 4 stars.
The Nashville City paper also did an article to promote the release of Jedd’s album as well as his CD release party at BB Kings.
Others that reviewed Transcontinental are: Country Music About.com; Country Standard Time; Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Augusta Chronicle.
CMT.com did an interview and piece on Jedd as well as the album release.
Jedd did an interview and performed 2 songs on Fox 17’s Tennessee Morning show with Charlie Chase and Kelly Sutton.
Jedd performed 2 songs and did an interview on “Good Day Atlanta” September 6th.
Jedd played for the Last Blast, sponsored by WKHX, September 5th in Stone Mountain, GA. Others on the bill were local artist Angela Wolff, David Lee Murphy and Lee Ann Womack.
The “High Lonesome” video is #4 on the Australian CMC charts!
Jedd participated in the Songwriter sessions on WPLN along with Patrick Davis and Tommy Lee James. Their segment will air on Saturday, September 18 at 7pm as well as Sunday, September 18 @ 1pm.
Jedd met with Gibson Guitar this week for a possible endorsement.
High Lonesome holds down No.4 on CMC for the second week, after peaking at No.2.
The album release date is next Tuesday, August 31st!!!
“High Lonesome” is going to be the Discovery “Single of the Week” on i-Tunes during release week, and will be available for free download.

Jedd’s took a video camera with him on his trip to judge the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in Otsego, MI. Some of the footage was used on CMT Insider, which is airing today! This segment will also include footage from Jedd’s photo shoot “How to dress like a country star”.

Both CMT and Country Weekly are scheduled to run pictures of Jedd at the Miss Hawaiian Tropics Pageant.
Jedd heads to Milwaukee, WI this weekend to participate in the WMIL Care-A-Van for kids.
The “High Lonesome” video is #2 on the Australian CMC charts! Transcontinental comes out on Monday, Aug. 30th in Australia.
Jedd has just signed an endorsement deal with Seymour Duncan, a well-known and respected guitar pick-up maker.
TOURING (Confirmed Dates)
Jedd hit the road last weekend for the 1st of his 10 college dates with Emerson Drive. He heads out again this week to do 2 more dates with them in Iowa.
MCA Recording Artist Jedd Hughes celebrates the release his debut album
TRANSCONTINENTAL on August 31st with appearances at The Grand Ole Opry and
B. B. Kings
Nashville, TN --- August 25, 2004 --- Australian guitarist/singer/songwriter
Jedd Hughes will appear on the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday, August 31 and at
B. B. Kings Deep Blues Stage on Wednesday, September 1 supporting the
release of TRANSCONTINENTAL on MCA. Hughes will perform on FOX 17 the
morning of the release, interview with GAC that evening and tape "The
Songwriter Sessions" with Tommy Lee James and Pat Buchanan for WPLN, on
September 2. The flurry of Nashville activity will be squeezed in between
college dates in Iowa and Illinois, a showcase in NYC and radio shows in
Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Throughout the summer, the 22-year-old Hughes kept a busy schedule,
performing at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival (where he was tagged
as "The One To Watch") and Sin City: A Tribute to Gram Parsons. Along the
way Hughes has made quite an impression on fellow guitarists, critics and
industry veterans. "Hughes is one of the most highly touted young guitarists
to hit Nashville in years" USA Today. "Not since Vince Gill have I seen
anyone with as much raw talent as Jedd Hughes," said Rodney Crowell, who
asked Hughes to play guitar and mandolin on his new album.

Famed pick-up maker and guitarist Seymour Duncan (who has worked with Eric
Clapton, Keith Richards and Eddie Van Halen) became a champion for Hughes,
introducing him to legendary guitar slingers and signing him to an
endorsement deal typically reserved for multiplatinum artists.

Hughes, who toured for two years as a member of Patty Loveless' band, spent
the spring and summer months out on his own, learning what it's like to lead
his own band. He's made concert appearances in twenty states, while
fine-tuning his three and four piece band. In between tour dates and while
out on the road, he spends time pursuing his passion for songwriting.
Hughes, who co-wrote 10 of the 11 tracks on TRANSCONTINENTAL, just signed a
songwriter's agreement with Still Working Music and has a cut on
Josh Gracin's album.

Press coverage surrounding the release of the album includes interviews with
CNNfn, CMT, GAC, Fox 17 and Good Day Atlanta. Upcoming print coverage
includes People, USA Today, Billboard, Paste, Performing Songwriter, Country
Weekly and CMT Magazine.
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Message from Mik McCartin
who is touring with Jedd
Mik McCartin (Drums) Kevin Von Derhofen (bass guitar) Jedd (Lead) and J Wilkinson on( keys/b)
Mik McCartin on Drums
G'day Helen!! How are ya? It's Mik McCartin here.. I just thought I'd email
you and see how your going? Things have been busy here with the upcoming
release of Jedd's new album. We've been travelling around the Country doing
everything from Radio Shows to full Concerts, and now we're out on the road
doing about 70 dates between now and Christmas.. It's been a totally amazing
experience for all of us.. the shows we have been lucky enough to do, are
with such amazing artists like, Brad Paisley, Lee Ann Womack, doing the
Grand Ole' Opry, and also shows with Vince Gill and Alison Krauss sitting
in with us..   It truly is an honour.. My first show over here with Jedd (and
first show in the US), Alison Krauss sat in with us, and the second show,
Vince Gill sat in with Jedd.. I was freaking out.. It was truly amazing and
one of the best experiences in my life.. Hope everything is well at home,
and not too cold.. Looking forward to getting home at Christmas time.. Take
it easy.. Cheers Mik.. :)
News on Jedd
Jedd's album release date is Tuesday, August 31st. We are working on promotional/marketing activities around release week; as soon as we know if Jedd will be in the upper Midwest or in Nashville, we will give you more information.
The commercial single of “High Lonesome” is #10 on the Country Singles chart this week and has consistently been in the Top 15 since its release.

Jedd’s segment of Lorrianne Crook’s Celebrity Kitchen aired on GAC July 27th.
Jedd did an interview with Jill Kipnis, from Billboard Magazine, talking about his album release. The piece will run in the August 14 issue.
Jedd did an interview with Keith Glass, who writes for the Australian Magazine Capitol News, for a cover story they are doing on Jedd set to run in their September issue.
Performing Songwriter will run a full-page feature on Jedd in their November issue, which will focus on his guitar playing and songwriting.

Jedd is going to take part in a CMT Magazine Photo shoot entitled “How To Dress Like A Country Star”. The spread will run in November/December issue of the magazine.

The Pittsburgh Tribune ran a piece on Jedd on July 20, the day he opened for Sara Evans and Brad Paisley. It touched on his road to becoming an artist.
The Times Union, in Jacksonville, FL, ran an article entitled “Jedd Who? Jedd Hughes – His country Star is rising in Nashville and beyond” on July 21. The article talked about his road to Nashville and being an artist. It also promoted his show that took place at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Jacksonville on July 22.
The State, a newspaper in Columbia, SC, ran a listing on 7/29 of Jedd’s show with Patrick Davis, Jason White and Clay Cook which took place that night at Jammin’ Java.

Jedd has just signed and endorsement deal with Seymour Duncan, who is known as one of the best guitar pick-up makers ever.
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Jedd who? Jedd Hughes
His country star is rising in Nashville and beyond
The Times-Union
Nashville's a strange town. Jedd Hughes moved there when he was 19. He
auditioned for a band, and the next night ended up as the lead guitar player
for Patty Loveless at the Grand Ole Opry.
It happened just like that. He had recently left college in Texas and had
left his home of Quorn, Australia, just two years earlier to chase his
dreams in the United States, and suddenly he was at sound check in country
music's Taj Mahal.
"It was so surreal," he said. "I couldn't believe what was happening to me."
Hughes toured with Patty Loveless for a couple of years and built a
reputation for being a great Nashville guitar slinger.

Now 22, he recently was invited to be part of Eric Clapton's Crossroads
Festival. He was on stage with Santana and B.B. King, and he was one of the
youngest guys there.

"It was one of the greatest musical moments of my life," he said. "I've been
listening to a lot of those guys play for a long time, and Clapton's set ...
it was pretty outstanding."

He had never seen Clapton in concert, and he still sounded excited at the
memory. Hughes looks like a kid. He has long blond hair and looks a little
like Eric Mathews (Will Friedle) from Boy Meets World.

Now he's getting ready to release his debut album, Transcontinental, which
was produced by Terry McBride. In many ways, the album is pure Nashville. It
has the potential radio hits with a bunch of hooks that made the new
traditionalists famous.

What's encouraging is that even though the album is a product of the
Nashville machine, it still manages to maintain some personality.

"When I got signed to MCA, I got signed by the best A&R man in Nashville. He
didn't pitch me a single song. We took those songs to him, and they let us
make the record that I really wanted to make. And Nashville is hard for new
artists. But to that I say, you have to work harder and make sure you have a
direction, make sure you have a sound and take responsibility of what you
sound like and what songs you sing and what you play."

On Transcontinental, Hughes explores love in that wounded puppy way of Ryan
Adams; he drops hints of bluegrass influence and talks about sex.

"It was funny, you know, I brought [the idea of Damn! You Feel Good] at a
songwriting meeting. And the co-writer didn't actually want to write it. I
kind of kept it in my book, and I brought it up later.

"[The song] came from being young, and it's some- thing that would relate to
people my age -- being lustful," he said, laughing.

"It's about, you know, being in your early 20s in this day and age, and the
whole vibe of nightclubs and going out and hooking up with girls and just
being young; it's that kinda vibe."

Hughes is getting noticed, too. Rolling Stone called him the best newcomer
at this year's South by Southwest Music Conference, and his new video and
single, High Lonesome, is on it's way to TV and radio. He's also promoting
the album, which comes out Tuesday, Aug. 31, with a small club tour. He
stops at the Crazy Horse Saloon on Thursday.

He's young and it's nice that he still has vision enough to see beyond the
Nashville walls.

"I think country music over the last 15 years, in general, has lost a lot of
its individual artistry. If we can just focus on being who we are and not be
scared of being a little different, and even though it's gonna take a little
bit of time for people to come around, I think it'll be worth it."

Time as Loveless' sideman pays off quickly
By Kellie B. Gormly
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Australian Jedd Hughes says hopeful singers always should have a mental picture of how things might pan out -- but of course, things don't always go as planned.
In the soloist's case, an unexpected shift in Hughes' career itinerary worked in his favour and might be leading him to speedy fame. Hughes, 22, has drawn praise from the Nashville elite since he moved there at age 19 and soon became the lead guitarist for Patty Loveless.
Hughes is the opening act at tonight's Brad Paisley and Sara Evans concert at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre at Station Square on the South Side. He'll release his first album, "Transcontinental," which includes his single, "High Lonesome," in August. Meanwhile, Loveless, Rodney Crowell and Marty Stuart are among the artists raving about Hughes' talent with his guitar and vocals. They predict he will be a household name for the next generation.
"I honestly thought it would take me quite a few years in Nashville," says Hughes, a native of Quorn, Australia. "I got here, and I just kind of fell into Patty Loveless' band."
Through that stint, Hughes says, he met so many of his heroes, and Loveless served as a mentor as he wrote songs on the road, preparing to embark on his solo career.
"I wanted to spend a little bit of time as a sideman, learning from people I admire," Hughes says. "The timeline is going quicker than I expected, but I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to keep up."
Hughes, who began performing with his guitar at age 8, combines elements of country, bluegrass and alternative rock in his music, which is influenced by multifaceted artists such as Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and The Beatles.
"It's just kind of my music," Hughes says. "I'm completely in love with traditional country music, and then in the same breath, I love Ryan Adams and The Wallflowers. To me, a lot of that stuff sounds like country music.
"I just try to combine all these things and make something a little different."
Kellie B. Gormly can be reached at kgormly@tribweb.com  or (412) 320-7824.
Jedd was once again on the Grand Ole Opry.  Vince Gill was also on the program.
Photo of Jedd at this web address http://www.shownet.com.au/cowboys
Stuart French and Jedd Hughes
The following are links to the Jedd Hughes EPK. 
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in different formats. Pick which ever one suits your computer needs and
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Kasey Chambers (Pregnant with Talon) Charlene Bailey and Jedd Hughes
Bill Chambers, Kasey Chambers, Charlene Bailey and Jedd Hughes
Jedd Hughes and Kevin Bennett
Jedd with Chris Haig
Jedd with Jim Lauderdale
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