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The Pub
Tamworth  2006
Horseshoe Bend Roundup
The Horseshoe Bend Roundup is now held at Hexham Bowling Club every Wednesday night
Sharnee Fenwick presented Horseshoe Bend
Roundup Showcase - The Pub 2006
Photos and Review from courtesy of Anna Rose
Sharnee Fenwick kicks off the showcase at The Pub on Friday, June 16 2006.
Sharnee Fenwick presented a showcase of young talent from Newcastle, the Central Coast and Tamworth at The Pub in Tamworth on Friday, June 16.
Katie Brianna, and Sarah and Emma Roberts, joined Sharnee for the evening at The Pub.
Sharnee enlisted a hot band composed of Simon Johnson (bass), Rusty Crook (lead guitar) and Peter Figures on drums, to make sure the music was memorable for those who turned out on the chilly winter night in the Country Music Capital.
There was plenty of variety – from original songs to country classics and classy covers – and the audience loved every minute of it.
The young guns’ music made sure the dancefloor was well utilised and the Horseshoe Bend kids had a ball.
Sarah and Emma Roberts of Tamworth,             Bec Urquhart-McCarthy, who’s staying with
     were part of the showcase and shone                 parents Trish and Rex in Tamworth, took the
              during their set.                                           opportunity to catch up of with Sharnee
                                                                    Fenwick at The Pub.
Simon Johnson, Peter Figures and Rusty Crook made groovy music together at the
Horseshoe Bend Roudup at The Pub in Tamworth.
The Garfoot family at The Pub, Tamworth for the Horseshoe Bend Roundup
– Peter, Belinda and Katie Brianna.
Sylvia Yates (Tamworth), and Julieanne Hensby (Rothbury), friends of 24 years’ standing.
The Pub barman Ben just had to get up and dance when Sharnee sang, When Will I Be Loved,
swinging his friend, Kelly around the floor.
Sharon Roberts – mum of talented Emma and Sarah – with good friend Mary Patterson.
Print out and have the memories