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Hexham Bowling Club
Hexham Country Music Festival
Sunday 18th September 2005 Concert


Page 1
Joe Mac Manamon
Shaza Leigh and Lindsay Butler
Lindsay Waddington and Neil Buttsworth
 Annie Ree
David and Michelle Styles.
         Bob Easter                                                     Jeff Gibson
John Slavin 2NUR
Lynette Guest and Rodney  (The One man Band of Tamworth) Walker
                                                       Rodney a very funny guy
Mike Kennedy                                             Trevor Coombes
Slim Newton of the "Red Back on the Toilet Seat" fame
Joe Mac Manamon and Slim Newton
Those Gals
T C Brown                                  John Brand
Graham G Toole        Click here for Graham's Artist Report page
Graham and daughter Ashleigh
Melisa, left, about to present Makalie with the Carter Edwards Award
Mel Sommers

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Hexham Country Music Festival 2005
15th Tamworth on Parade Spectacular (TOPS)
Sat 17th September - featuring
NSW Gold Medallion Awards $20
Sun 18th September featuring - Sunday Morning Showcase Special Guests plus Scheduled Walk Up Artists (free)
- Sunday Australian Country Tribute Show $20 2pm

The Tamworth on parade Series has reached in all 324 shows across the continent and overseas. The benefit side has raised $1.32M for a wide range of charities and community projects. $3 from each ticket will go to a community project.
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