Tamworth Rage Page
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Kevin Bennett &
The Flood
"Hello Blue Sky "
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Discography Ė
2003 The Flood self titled
2003 Live Down Here on Earth/Kevin Welch & The Flood
2002 Two/Kevin Bennett & James Gillard
1999 The Ballad of KB
1995 Two of Everything in the Carpark/Kevin Bennett & James Gillard
2005 Hello Blue Sky
2004 Australian For Broken Heart
1999 Donít Look Back At Me
2004 Plenty of Time/Kevin Welch & The Flood

2006 Tamworth Festival Golden Guita Winners!!! Congratulations!!
James Gillard and Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennett and Tim  Wedde
Kevin Bennett
James Gillard
Tim Wedde
Scott Hills
Shanley Dell
James Gillard with his wife Shanley
Kevin Bennett and Felicity Urquhart
James Gillard and Melinda Schneider
Bill Chambers and Kevin Bennett
Huckleberry Swede
Helen would like to thank the Pub Family for their hospitality, fantastic music and for making her feel comfortable over the festival taking photos as sometimes, this is difficult to do. A special thank you to Tierzah and Anna Rose
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