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Dave Warwick,  Mark Oats, Greg O'Brien, Steve Sampson
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Finn MacCool 2006 Tamworth Country Music Festival
Finn MacCool had a different line-up at the 2006 festival (Matt Hanley with his swag of new songs plus)  until Thursday 26th 2006 due to Greg having a sickness in the family.   Both Greg and Dave arrived Australia Day.     
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Tamworth Country Music Festival 2005
West Tamworth League Club
Legends bar - Sat 15th

It's true, only a mother could love 'em.
Sheeeeee's beautiful!!
Uh oh, her boyfriend is huge and heading this way!
She'll be right, wedding rings don't work 30 k's from home!
She's berootiful !
C'mon lady, this is serious.
Popular high stepping Chicka giving the kiddies a lesson.
Print out and have the memories