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Tamworth Country
Music Festival 2006
Finn MacCool
West League Legends  -Sat 28th - Page 1
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Sat 28th January 2006 - Page 1

Dave Warwick,  Mark Oats, Greg O'Brien and Steve Sampson

Page 1
The calm before the storm!
loose top, no bra, wow!
Pretty good up here as well!
Listen to that applause!
Champion bush poet Dave Proust with his poetry award
Proving he is the best
I don't care, Mum loves me!
I love her!
I think she likes me too!
He is trying to impress her.  I think!
I will take your photo!
Don't be shy!  You cannot hide up the back playing the drums all the time!
Speed up there's Chicka
He loves it fast!
Well, we wore him out!
I'll scare those kids away
ho hum! Boring!
Print out and have the memories