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Daniel Thompson
Congratulations!! Daniel
Daniel Thompson, the deep-voiced singer/songwriter from the NSW Central Coast, scored his second Independent Award winning Male Vocalist of the Year with his remake of the classic (Iím Just A) Country Boy. Daniel previously won Rising Star Male in 2001.
....comes the first single and title track from
Daniel Thompson's forthcoming debut album "The Richest Man In Town"
Track #2 - NFS 86.

Penned by himself & friend Tamara Stewart (ABC Music), the single is close to Daniel's heart, as it's about his late father Michael.
The inspiration coming from a thank you note Michael had written.

A heartfelt tribute, created not only by Daniel, but from producer Stuie French (Swingin' Doors Studio/Feral Swing Katz), playing Michael's
42-year old Fender Stratocaster guitar - which was bought new in 1963.

The upcoming album sees a who's who of Australia's top musicians in the credits, with the awarding winning Feral Swing Katz featured, and two beautiful duets with Felicity Urquhart 'Where We Go From Here' & Kate Ballantyne (Bella) 'We're Both To Blame'.

First single 'The Richest Man In Town' is just a taste of what is instore from the album.

Daniel Thompson - a rich resonant voice that is country to the absolute core!
Forthcoming album "The Richest Man In Town' - available from OneStop Entertainment & leading retail stores
For interviews or more information please contact:
Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy
RUM Entertainment
ph/fax +61 2 4285 1461
(m) 0439 730 460
Here's an update of what I have been doing.
My album is a few weeks away from being finished. Jeff McCormack finished mastering it today. So now it's waiting for artwork to be finished which should be mid next week. Then it's off to be pressed....
I'll have my album out in time for the Norfolk Island festival at the end of May which I will be at.
Other than that my wife, Suzy, is due to have a baby in August. The due date is the same week as my birthday, so the preparations for that are ongoing in my household.
That's about all I have to report, for now. I'll let you know when the album comes out.
Tamworth Ragepage would like to wish Daniel and Sue all the best with their baby and also the coming CD.
Here's an update on my forthcoming album
The album will be called "The Richest Man in Town". It is being produced by
Stuey French with a little help (or hindrance) from me. The title track is
about Dad, the chorus was taken from a thankyou note he wrote to all the
people that helped him out at his fundraiser in Oct 2001. So it is a
co-write with me,  Dad and Tamara Stewart.
Daniel with his dad Michael (on left)
There will be two duets on the album...... One with Felicity called "Where
We Go From Here" and one with Kate Ballantyne called "We're Both To Blame".
There is also a track featuring the Feral Swing Katz (of course).  
I'll let you know when it is available and any other details of what I'm up
to soon.
Stuie French producing album for Daniel at his "Swingin' Doors" Studio
Tamworth Festival 2003
"The Pub"
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson and Joel Oakhill
Andrew Toombes and Daniel Thompson
Andrew Toombes, Daniel Thompson and Joel Oakhill
Duncan Toombes

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