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Popular Melbourne Band Crakajak are proud to announce the arrival of their new CD/DVD pack TEN.

This release includes 14 new original songs,8 bonus tracks, 6 music video clips and celebrates the Band’s 10 years together.

Standout tracks include Drive, Sentimental, Tell My Wife That, What’s Wrong With a Little Hard Work, Baby its Over and She Weeps Alone, all penned by Harry Jon Nanos, Mark Donahoe and Tony Arena.

Also on this Album are two tracks featuring David Briggs ex Little River Band. Don't Give in to Loneliness is a David Briggs/Greg Greg Macainsh song and features the legendary guitar licks and backing vocals of Briggs. David, Harry and Tony also co wrote "BnS Balls and Bundy" a high energy anthem that is quickly becoming popular in the BnS community.

Lead singer Harry Jon Nanos explains, ''David Briggs is a legend of the Australian Music industry and to have the opportunity to work with the man has been awesome. Over the last 12 months David has become a great friend of Crakajak and we look forward to him continuing to write and record with us. David will also appear with us at selected shows from November on.”

The other exciting news is the Band's popularity surge amongst the BnS Ball community. Crakajak have been performing at many of these Balls throughout country Australia and created a vibe within the BnS community by announcing the making of the reality Documentary ‘Balls in Bush’, about the BnS Ball culture in Australia.

The Documentary features Aussie legend Kevin Bloody Wilson and to promote the documentary, Crakajak and its management company Makia Pty Ltd launched Australia's popular BNS Ball website
www.ballsinthebush.org .

The website now attracts over 5,000 visitors a month in just seven months since its launch with Nanos hosting Australia's 1st on-line and live BNS radio show through 100.7 Highlands FM.

Recently Crakajak and Makia assisted MTV with their TV documentary program Full Tank at the Condobolin BNS Ball in July ... it been a busy year for the Jaks!
Crakajak are currently working on a reality style documentary all about the history, culture, and spirit of BNS Balls in Australia
Popular Victorian Band Crakajak are currently working on a reality style documentary all about the history,culture,and spirit of BNS Balls in Australia. The Doco includes footage from the Elmore Charity Ball and the forthcoming Deniliquin Ball in June.
The Doco features Aussie Icon Kevin Bloody Wilson who is the narrator and adds his unique touch to this interesting study of what is a truly Australian tradition, and Crakajak one of Australia's favourite BNS bands

Crakajak vocalist Harry Jon Nanos and business partner Rick Leatherman "' Makia Pty Ltd have also developed and launched an new website www.ballsinthebush.org  which has received awesome support from the BNS community.

Harry explains ""Crakajak cut its teeth on BNS balls over the years and whilst the image of these events is sometimes tainted by bad publicity, we felt it was about time someone told the real story about how these Kids in Rural areas work their butts off to put on these events and raise considerable amounts of money to support the needs of their towns.""
"Just recently Elmore Charity Ball donated $10k to its community medical centre to pay for an X-ray machine that is probably going to save lives in the future. That is a fact. This is a tradition that Rick, myself, all the boys from Crakajak and Kevs team are passionate about and really want to help maintain. Over the last few years we have noticed that factors such as public liability, drink licensing laws and bad publicity has made it hard for these kids to keep their Balls running.'"
Our website has received unbelievable support from the BNS community who are right behind us. Crakajak is donating $5 from every sale of our new Album " Ten " toward the Ball the purchaser nominates.
We are also looking for appropriate independent artist who might want to promote themselves on our BNS Mates page and
get involved in the whole community

please contact ..harry@crakajak.com 

Balls in the Bush will be also launching a BNS radio show soon
The Doco is due for release later this year.
Tamworth Country
Music Festival 2006

Southgate Inn - Gate Bar -Sun 22nd
Jay Williams: Harp, Fiddle, Mandolin
Mark Donohoe: Rhythm Guitar
Tony Arena: Lead Guitar
Harry Nanos: Lead Vocals (Guitar)
Steve Tsotsos: Drums
Rob Walker: Bass

Well folks another Tamworth bites the dust
Happy to say that all went well for the band and the reaction to our new Album 10 was awesome.
We road tested most of the new songs and have returned full of confidence, and pumped for a huge 2006.
Once again West Leagues Club and the New Diggers RSL were huge, the late night party "went off" and as per normal the more energy coming from the audience the more pumped the band got.
In fact one night at Diggers I actually slipped off the stage and into the crowd. Some call it stage diving, the rest of the boys call it plain clumsy.
Our 1st time at Tamworth Services Club was also very successful. Theses shows were during the day and early evening and probably attracted a more listening type of audience but again the new songs were well received and at the end of each set people were lining up to get a copy of Ten.
The Fitzroy Tavern and Southgate Inn were also busy and again surprised us with the different types of audiences we encounter.
The highlight for us outside our own shows were a new band called The Pigs. What an awesome Band. I won't even try to explain their show but in the 8 years I have been going to Tamworth I have never been as entertained as I was watching theses guys.
The Pigs followed us at Diggers and all the Crakajak boys stayed back to watch these guys blow the crowds away. In fact usually we leave Gigs pretty much after our show because we are so tired, but
1 listen to the Pigs and we were all hooked.
Take my advise Folks if you get a chance, catch this band ... they are really cool and very very talented.
You just have too see them.......

Great to also catch up with our mate Kevin Bloody Wilson and all his crew. Once again Kevs invited us to his show we and watched this aussie legend blow the huge crowds away with his humour and songs. We also celebrated long into the night with Kev, Mike, Hollywood Dizzy and Dave Prior which made it really hard to get up the next day. Thanks guys we love getting together with you fellows .

A special mention and thank you To Marcie Jones who got up with us at a few shows and really wooed the crowds. Marcie has been singing and entertaining for many years and boy oh boy can she fire up an audience. Thanks Marcie...

Finally to all our fans and friends who showed up to our gigs....we cannot thank you all enough for your loyal support. Some of you were at all our 11 show which is just unbelievable but believe me we really do notice and appreciate your support.
I hope you all get as much pleasure listening to our new Album Ten as we did delivering the song to you on stage.

Please keep your eye on this website because we have some really exciting announcements to make over the next few months and there will be lots of action going on this year to coincide with the release of Ten.....WATCH THIS SPACE

Hope to see you all soon
Lots of Love
Harry, Tony, Mark, Jason, Steve, Rick, Rob and all the Crakajak Crew
Crakajak are released their 10 year anniversary album in Tamworth 2006.
Print out and have the memories