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Capital Country Music Association
Friendly Rivalry in 2006
14th Annual Junior Winter Quest
Family Hotel - Tamworth
Photo: Tiffney Stroh, left, and Hannah Cosgrove –
the junior and juvenile overall winners, with their trophies.
Staged over two days at The Family Hotel, a unique event was held for the 14th time, and for the seventh year as part of the Hats Off to Country Festival in Tamworth.
Many competitors in the CCMA Winter Junior Talent Quest come from the ranks of Tamworth Camerata graduates, who come from all states of Australia and New Zealand.
Other competitors travel from right around the state and further afield to attend.
This quest is staged during the midyear school holidays, making it an attainable trip for many from distant parts.
It’s interesting to note the major placegetters were all 2006 Tamworth Camerata graduates, and being the best of friends, they really didn’t relish competing against each other.
Who wants to beat your best friend in competition? But that’s the spirit of this contest for amateur performers 17 years and younger.
At any given rehearsal in and around the Family Hotel – in the rear carpark, the hotel’s beer garden, perched on stairwells and upstairs in the band room, you would find fellow competitors helping each other rehearse their prepared songs.
As all competitors are 17 or younger, they don’t have to compete with performers older or more experienced, which makes for an extremely level playing field – a major factor in the long-running quest’s growth and success story.
Professional judges are sourced locally and from other districts, and throughout the event the Capital Country Music Association committee members work tirelessly to ensure scores are accurately tallied, microphones function on cue and things run smoothly for the “country stars of the future”.
This event is proudly sponsored by Kensell Holden, NBN Television, The Family Hotel and The Pub Group Tamworth.
For further information or details on the quest, please visit the website, www.ccma.net.au
CCMA 14th Winter Junior Talent Quest
Junior Male Vocal: 1. Kris Wason 2. Patrick Brown 3. Trent Holder
Junior Female Vocal: 1. Tiffney Stroh 2. Sarah Roberts  3. Sinead Burgess
Junior Gospel: 1. Sinead Burgess 2. Sarah Roberts 3. Olivia Hally
Junior Duet: 1. Sinead Burgess & Kris Wason 2. Olivia Hally & Kiera Smith
3. Tiffney Stroh & Makaylie Foodey
Junior Country Rock: 1. Paige Jeffrey 2. Kiera Smith 3. Victoria Darke
Junior Aust Country: 1. Tiffney Stroh 2. Sinead Burgess 3. Kris Wason
Junior Instrumental: 1. Olivia Hally 2. Tiffney Stroh 3. Trent Holder
Juvenile Male Vocal: 1. Mitchell Murdock 2. Thomas Ritchie 3. Shayne Lenord
Juvenile Female Vocal: 1. Hannah Cosgrove 2. Sarah Roberts 3. Timara Maree Pollicina
Juvenile Country Gospel: 1. Hannah Cosgrove 2. Kiara Rodrigues 3. Melanie Dyer
Juvenile Country Duet:1 - Hannah Cosgrove & Kiara Rodrigues
2 - Emma Roberts & Melanie Dyer 3 - Timara Pollicina & Bonnie Riley
Juvenile Country Rock: 1. Hannah Cosgrove 2. Kiara Rodrigues 3. Rebecca Ritchie
Juvenile Aust Country: 1. Melanie Dyer 2. Timara Maree Pollicina 3. Emma Roberts
Juvenile Instrumental: 1. Emma Roberts 2. Shayne Lenord 3. Mitchell Murdock
Songwriting: 1. Kris Wason 2. Makaylie Foodey 3. Caitlin Harnett
Group: 1. Three Divas 2. Sarah Roberts Group 3. The Boogie Boys
Junior Encouragement Award: Belinda Puntoriero
Juvenile Encouragement Award: The Ritchie Family
Gentleman Geoff Brown Memorial Award: Paige Jeffrey
Ray Somerville Award: Emma Roberts
Luke Newland Memorial Award: Paige Jeffrey
Junior Overall: 1. Tiffney Stroh 2. Sinead Burgess 3. Kris Wason
Juvenile Overall: 1. Hannah Cosgrove 2. Emma Roberts 3. Kiara Rodrigues
Family Hotel Performance of the Night:
Emma Roberts and Joan Douglas
CCMA Showcase
Tamworth Festival 2003
"The Pub"
Lawrie Minson and Greg Williams
Mark Moulynox and Greg Williams
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