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Congratulations Catherine winning best Female Artist Golden Guitar in 2009!!
Female Artist of the Year
Catherine Britt - What I Did Last Night
Hexham Bowling Club 2009
Catherine's niece on stage
Catherine's niece
Cessnock 2008
Catherine with Adam Harvey and The Noll Brothers
News quoted from Catherine's web site: http://catherinebritt.com/
Simply Catherine Britt and Tommy Emmanuel: Over the Rainbow
NASHVILLE: Catherine has returned to the recording studio with producer
Brett Beavers to record a stunning version of the classic Over The
Rainbow with one of the world's great guitarists - Tommy Emmanuel. The
recording is simply Catherine and Tommy with no other musicians and is
an astonishingly pure adaptation of the standard. Catherine sings with
all the emotion in her voice that she is renowned for to record a
version that will bring tears to anyone's eyes. Tommy is simply
sensational on guitar.
On July 10 Catherine will join Tommy on stage in Nashville to perform
the song live to an audience that usually consists of the cream of
country artists who turn out to see Tommy when he performs in Nashville.
The show will be at The Belcourt Theatre. As a special treat for
Catherine, her mother will be in the audience to cheer!
Catherine Britt joined Tanya Tucker, Clay Walker, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Lonestar, Neal McCoy, Danielle Peck, Trent Willmon, Darryl Worley and Chris Young, for the June 6th  “Country Weekly’s” Fashion Show.   The magazine partners with Wrangler and Hard Rock Cafe to raise money and awareness for Musicians On Call. 
Vote for Catherine Britt
In the May 21 edition of the US Country Weekly magazine, Catherine Britt and Katrina Elam show off different looks with the Hanes® perfect T shirt. Readers are asked, “Who has the perfect look with the Hanes® perfect T ?” Visit
http://www.countryweekly.com/katrina_elam_catherine_britt/sweeps/enter/312  to check out the exclusive photos and to vote for Catherine. Each vote is a sweepstakes entry for a chance to win an autographed Hanes® perfect T and new music from Catherine! You can vote once a day...every day until the contest closes
It has just been announced that Catherine Britt
 will be the opening support act on a 6-month/28-city/mega-arena concert tour featuring Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn: http://www.pollstar.com/tour/searchall.pl?AN=Y&By=Artist&Content=CATBRI&PSKey=Y 
Certainly a well-timed break for Catherine.
Catherine scheduled for the Nashville Festival
Music, Broadway, television, and film superstar Reba McEntire make her highly-anticipated return to this Festival 
Major musical charity event: 2007 CMA Music Festival, held Thursday through Sunday, June 7-10 , in Downtown Nashville.
Artists scheduled to perform include
Carrie Underwood, The Wreckers, Sugarland, Martina McBride, Little Big Town, Jason Aldean,
 Bomshel, Catherine Britt, Luke Bryan, Sonny Burgess, Carolina Rain, Eric Church, Cole Deggs & the Lonesome, Heartland, Jypsi, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Blaine Larsen, The Lost Trailers, Neal McCoy, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jamie O’Neal, Jake Owen, Danielle Peck, Pirates of the Mississippi, Pam Tillis, and Chris Young. Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.
How lucky am I!!
I was fortunate to hear Catherine's new single "What I did last night" that has now been released in the USA.  Catherine's parents Steve and Anne generously played it in the car for me after I met them at the Tamworth Festival.  It is superb!!!  I am sure it will be a big hit!!  Keith Urban features on guitar, playing a great solo.   All the best Catherine. 
Golden Guitar Nominations 2007
Rising star Catherine Britt received 3 nominations - Single of the Year, Album of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year. She received the news in Nashville shortly after the nominations event at Luna Park in Sydney from her very excited parents. "This is a dream come true. I’ve worked all my life for this," she said.
Keith Urban features on New Single
Written by Dids
Sunday, 12 November 2006
Catherine Britt told audiences listening to the Gerry House radio program in Nashville that fellow Australian and Male Artist of the last 2 years, Keith Urban guests on her new single. Keith features on guitar - playing a great guitar solo. Keith, who calls Catherine his "little sister", has always supported her career and was very excited to be able to add his talents to her single. The song received very positive feedback from Gerry and listeners who rang in during her 45min interview segment.  
Chicago radio has also given the single the thumbs up when Catherine previewed it to them this week.
Vote for Keith Urban and Catherine Britt
The US Country Weekly magazine is conducting a "reader's choice" awards poll. Keith Urban's name appears in several categories. You also have the opportunity "write-in" and vote for your own candidates such as Catherine Britt for Superstar of the Future. Click on http://www.countryweekly.com/vote/survey/238 to cast your votes.
Click here Keith Urban Artist Report
Photo courtesy of Mark Edson
Echo Lounge at Parramatta  (Photo Courtesy of Kerry Carter)
Echo Lounge at Parramatta with Mike Carr (Photo Courtesy of Kerry Carter)
Photo Courtesy of Kerry Carter
Final 5 Best ARIA Nominations 2006
Country Album Nominations
Adam Brand (What a Life)
Anne Kirkpatrick "Showman's Daughter"
Lee Kernaghan (The New Bush)
Catherine Britt (Too Far Gone)
Troy Cassar-Daley (Brighter Day) ..  winner was Troy !!
Catherine's single "What I Did Last Night" release date has been put back until early February at this stage.
"Souls of Country"
A special moment on Tuesday 26th September at the Newcastle Steel City Songwriters night will be when Catherine Britt (who also will be appearing) as part of the the "Souls of Country Ceremony".  Her Footprints will be cemented outside Club Macquarie.  Catherine sang regularly starting as a young twelve year old at the Newcastle Steel City Club.    Click here Newcastle Steel City page
Catherine Britt will be Female Lead in Movie
It has been confirmed that Catherine will be the female lead in the sequel to the movie "The Gift".  It is about a female Country Singer from Australia.  George Strait will also be appearing in movie.
Aussies Walk the Line" A Tribute to Johnny Cash
                    Star City Showroom Starring Richard Clapton, Beccy Cole,
                      Brian Cadd, Adam Harvey, Rick Price, Catherine Britt, Mike Carr,
                             Steve Forde, Jake Nickolai, Travis Collins 8.00pm                     
Jake Nickolai, Jedd Hughes, Col Finley, Jessica Belle, Sherrie Austin, Sally Bunnell (a US country music journalist)
 Caitlin Evanson, Catherine Britt
and Tim Holland The Music Network
Some of the Australians in living and recording in Nashville
(Photo Courtesy of Kerry Roberts)
Catherine Britt and Caitlin Evanson
Red Carpet Awards 2006
Catherine has a  new fan site - www.hillbillybritt.com  will give you a full run down on the tour with photos once Catherine is back in Nashville.
Catherine singing at the Dolly Tribute
Catherine will be accompanied by a wonderful fiddle player Caitlin Evanson
Fri 27 Country Club Pavilion - West League Tickets $29 (one price)
Reserved seating 7.30pm

1st February – The Basement , - Songwriters Workshop
2nd February – West Leagues Club, N’castle
CMAA Golden Guitar 2006 Award Finalists
Video Clip of the Year-
Artist Clip Director Record Label
Adam Harvey God Made Beer Mark & Jane Tamone ABC Music
Kasey Chambers Pony Brendan Fletcher EMI Music
Catherine Britt Poor Man’s Pride Ross Wood ABC Music
James Blundell Postcards From Saigon Paul Howarth Revenge Records
Paul Kelly Song Of The Old Rake Ben Saunders EMI Music
Reception for Australian Country Music Artists
Keith Urban was honored during a reception for Australian Country Music artists today at the Australian Consulate General. Other artists in attendance included Australian rock legend Billy Thorpe, who presented the award to Urban, Sherrie Austin, Catherine Britt, Brian Cadd and Carrie Underwood.

Catherine Britt, along with Cowboy Crush, Jace Everett, and Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand, are taking part in the CMA Global Markets Symposium, Monday as part of a "Country Takes NYC" a week of activities leading up to The 39th Annual CMA Awards, Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

At this stage Catherine will be accompanied to Australia by her wonderful fiddle player Caitlin Evanson who will be touring with her in her band – they make a great musical couple! Jimmy will not be coming this year.

Slight change to the track listing for
 "Too Far Gone"
1.Swingin Door -
new US single set for release early next year
2.Wrapped -
(written by Bruce Robison)
3.Too Far Gone -
the new single to accompany the album
4.The Upside Of Being down -
a US Top 40 hit and a Top 5 here in Australia
5.A New Pair Of Shoes -
featuring a great support vocal by Kenny Chesney
6.Hot Doggin -
Cate’s Hank tribute featuring Don Helms from Hank Williams band
7.Fallin Out Of Love With You
8.I’m Gone -
(Written by Keith Stegall, who is Catherine's and Alan Jackson's producer)
9.I’m Nobody’s Fool
10.Life’s Highway -
a cover of an old Steve Wariner hit Wrapped
11.Poor Man’s Pride -
current Top 5 Australian hit
Message from Catherine's dad Steve
 Catherine will definitely be home for Christmas – will return early December. She will release a new single "Too Far Gone" in January to accompany the new album "Too Far Gone" which will also be released in January (finally!). She will be at the Tamworth festival and will follow up with an Australian wide tour in February – details are still being organized.
Elton and Catherine during the duet recording session
Catherine Britt continues to build her relationship with the Grand Ole
Opry as she has been selected to perform this Saturday (Oct 15) at 2:30
PM as part of the Opry Plaza Party in conjunction with the Opry's 80th
Birthday Bash. Opry Plaza concerts are offered free to the public in the
area just outside the entrance to the Opry House in the Music Valley
area of Nashville. As part of the birthday celebration Garth Brooks will
make a rare TV appearance on the Grand Ole Opry stage Saturday night.
click below on article in today's: Tennessean:

Article from Catherine's Forum
by Stickman
I got to have nice chats with both Catherine and Jimmy Stewart before the parking lot concert today, and must admit I was blown away by how friendly and down to earth both of them are. For them to both be so talented musically, and so physically attractive and yet be genuinely nice, humble folks was an extremely pleasant surprise. They both met and exceeded all my expectations by a country mile (or is that a kilometer?).
My chat with Jimmy Stewart
Here are a few things I can remember from my chat with Jimmy Stewart: Jimmy has recently signed his own record deal with Warner's and will be recording his own album in the near future. He was able to participate in this concert due to a break in the Brooks & Dunn tour since he is part of their road band. I suggested he talk them into bringing Catherine on board as an opening act, and Jimmy liked that idea as he could spend a lot more time with Catherine then. I asked Jimmy how he met Catherine and he told how he was performing in a Nashville venue one night where Catherine also got up and performed. He was smitten immediately and asked her out to dinner that very night. That was over a year ago and they've been together ever since. Awww, ain't love grand..... I asked Jimmy about Tamworth and told me he loved visiting Australia and the Tamworth festival, and that really hopes his schedule will allow him to return with Catherine in January. Finally, he explained to me that in the US record labels only pay royalties on up to 11 songs per album, which is why albums rarely exceed that total. Boy, what kind of dopey loophole is that! Thank goodness the Aussies don't have such arbitrary restrictions.

Now, onto my chat with Catherine:
I got the unusual pleasure of having an extended casual conversation with Catherine prior to the concert. There weren't any other people really waiting to talk to her, so we got to converse in a very relaxed atmosphere by the side of the stage. I wrote almost nothing down, and with my memory being what it is I will try to recollect some of the more important topics we discussed. Here we go....

1.) There will be no Elton duet video - Catherine was just informed this week that Elton's management would not authorize a video shoot until the duet had already become a bona-fide radio hit first. Talk about putting the cart before the horse, crikey! Catherine was obviously disappointed by this news but has an amazing resilliance to career adversity.

2.) The Elton Duet single is considered "Lost" at this point - I had to ask Catherine what this industry term meant and she explained it as meaning the single is likely not going anywhere (or terms to that effect). Labels use research polling via phone surveys and other means to see if songs are having an impact on targeted radio listeners to determine if they will become top 20 hits. "Where We Both Say Good Bye" did not research well, and RCA is expecting it not to go much higher on the charts than it has thus far and then fade away. I think the lack of a timely Elton duet video helped prematurely seal the fate of this fine single, which is a crying shame. Ultimately it was all the country radio station programmers that passed on this single as being "too country" (ie not suited to their listening audience) that doomed it. Those radio stations that actually played and supported it deserve our support.

3.) The US Release Date of "Too Far Gone" is in Limbo - The pending chart failure of "Where We Both Say Good Bye" has put the release of "Too Far Gone" in the US back in limbo. RCA wants a hit single to preceed the CD's release and was counting on the Elton duet to be that song. The song "Swingin' Door" (which Catherine had no part in writing) will likely be released as the next single later this year or in the spring. I told her I consider this a mistake as the song is too generic and lacks what makes Catherine's own songs quite uniquely hers. If that single doesn't become a hit, then RCA may not release "Too Far Gone" at all in the US. RCA remains committed to Catherine and is ready and willing to record a second album even if the first is never released. Catherine obviously has great loyalty to RCA and the people she deals with at that label, and I truly hope their perseverance and patience pan out in the long run.\

4.) Original Songs Deleted From "Too Far Gone" - Because of the ridiculous "11 Song Rule" I wrote about in my chat with Jimmy Stewart, 3 songs originally recorded for "Too Far Gone" have been replaced by "Swingin' Door". "I'm Gone", and another song. When Catherine told me the deleted songs I was so stunned I'm not sure I remember correctly, but I believe they were "He Don't Care About Me", "Nobody's Fool", and "Bad News Travels Fast". I think "He Don't Care About Me" and "Nobody's Fool" are fantastic songs and I'd have chosen "Fallin' Out of Love" and "New Pair of Shoes" to be axed instead although I like all of the original cuts. "I'm Gone" is a fine song, but "Swingin' Door" is not worthy to replace any of the original cuts in my mind. If "Swingin' Door" becomes a hit song I will gladly eat my words and rejoice in Catherine's success.

I asked Catherine when the Elton duet would be available for purchase as a downloadable song from sources like Walmart.com, and she thought it already was. She brought over an RCA label rep and he thought it was already available through i-Tunes, but I told him Walmart is the place to be for a country single (since Walmart retails something like 60% of all country music sales in the US). I'll have to check, but usually Walmart offers available country singles so I'd be surprised if i-Tunes has it (although I wish they did so people could buy it for their i-Pods).

In closing I asked Catherine some fun questions just for the heck of it:
Q) Who are some of your favorite current artists?
A) Buddy and Julie Miller and Fred Eaglesmith - Catherine thinks the "Swingin' Door" single has a "Buddy & Julie Miller" feel and sound to it.

Q) What was your motivation for participating in the "FHM" "New Women of Country" photo shoot?
A) I had been working out and was in about the best physical condition I had ever been in, and I was just kind of proud to show off what I had accomplished. I think I was the only participant that remained clothed (both top and bottom) for all of the photographs they took.

Q) Where do you want to spend most of the rest of your life, Australia or the US?
A) I'd like to split my time 50/50 between the two countries if I could.

Q) What are a couple of your favorite TV shows?
A) In the US: MTV's Real World - Austin, TX, and in Australia: "Neighbors" which was where both Kylie Minogue and Delta Goodrem got started.

Q) What are your favorite snack foods?
A) In the US - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, In Australia - Meat Pies (she also found a good source in Atlanta, GA) and Allen's Lollies (lolly being a generic term for candy down under).

Q) Have you seen the movie "Bootmen" and do Newcastle steel workers really tap dance in their spare time?
A) Yes, and No

Q) Have you considered sneaking a version of the "Poor Man's Pride" music video to Kylie Harris at GAC so she can air it on "Edge of Country"?
A) RCA may release that video to CMT and GAC even though that song will likely never be released as a single here.

Well, that concludes what I can recollect of my conversation based upon my sketchy memory and chicken scratch notes (chook notes?). Catherine admitted she drops in and reads our posts here on the forum on occasion, so Catherine if I got anything wrong please drop in and correct me!!
by Stickman
Grand Ole Opry
The Greencards will make their Grand Ole Opry debut this Friday, September 9. The Nashville show begins at 7:30 pm Central Daylight Time (10:30 am Saturday in Sydney) and can be heard live via the Internet at http://www.wsmonline.com/  . Opry shows are also archived on WSM On-line for those that can not tune in to the live broadcast. Catherine Britt will be on the Saturday show. Exact performance times can be found on http://www.opry.com/TicketsAndInformation/ThisWeek.aspx  later in the week.
CMA is inaugurating a
cross-country bus tour called
"The Road To The CMA Awards" 

Catherine Britt will perform at the tour's first stop in Los Angeles on
Sept 15. Catherine is quoted as saying:
"I'm so excited to be a part of the 'Road to the CMA Awards,'" remarked
Britt, who duets with Sir Elton John on current single "Where We Both
Say Goodbye" from her forthcoming debut album Too Far Gone. "For me,
that journey began when I was 11 and I took the stage in Newcastle,
Australia and sang the songs of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Hank
Williams. Singing Country Music and being on the road are the dreams of
my life."
Report from Catherine's Dad
At the moment Catherine is in the middle of a 6 week radio station promo tour for her new single to be released next month. In the USA the single will be the duet with Elton John called Where We Both Say Goodbye. Catherine says that she is getting a very positive response from the stations so we will see what happens. On the Australian scene the new single also due next month looks like being Poor Man's Pride the song she wrote with Jerry Salley and Guy Clark.  At this stage the duet can not be released as a single in Australia for contractual reasons. The album looks like coming out in the US in November and will most likely be released here at Tamworth 2006 - I'll let you know when it's definite. Catherine has done a couple of concerts recently and has another one in a couple of weeks in Michigan.
Steve Britt
Recording the video for Upside Of Being Down                 Catherine singing in the studio during
                                                                                           recording of the album
Inside Cate's tour bus for the radio tour
All the musicians for the album: Brent Mason, Paul Franklin, Glen Worff,
Bruce Watkins, Hargus "Pig" Robbins and Stuart Duncan.
Catherine Britt, Michael Carr and Aleyce Simmonds in Nashville
Australian Artists at Nashville Fan Fair 2005
May 5: The program schedule details have just been released for the 2005 CMA Music Festival (a.k.a. Fan Fair) to be held in Nashville the week of June 6, and Australian artists are well represented.

The week’s events start Monday evening with the CMA Global Artist Showcase - a free concert event featuring performances from a variety of international country music artists at The Stage On Broadway in downtown Nashville with Mike Carr (Australia), Adam Gregory (Canada), Justin McGurk (Ireland), Charlie Nagatani (Japan), Aleyce Simmonds (Australia) and Rachel Warwick (UK).

Jamie O’Neal is amongst the first set of performers on the secondary Riverfront Park Stages on Thursday morning. Keith Urban appears on the main football stadium stage that evening.

The Riverfront Park Stages will also be the site of the Wide World of Country Show on Sunday with Paul Brandt (Canada), Catherine Britt (Australia), Jedd Hughes (Australia), Justin McGurk (Ireland), Aleyce Simmonds (Australia) and The Wilkinsons (Canada). Hosted by GAC's Kylie Harris (New Zealand).

To see the full line-up of the week’s activities along with artist photos from previous Fan Fairs, visit http://www.countrymusictravel.com/www/id16.html

Catherine added to Line-up with
Dolly at Grand Ole Opry
GRAND OLE OPRY: Dolly Parton is now scheduled to make one of her rare Grand Ole Opry performances on April 23.  The show will be broadcast live on the US GAC television network between 8 and 9 PM EST (10AM Sunday in Sydney).  Catherine Britt has just been added to the Opry line-up for that show. Her performance may be related to the night (Mar .1) she serenaded Dolly in Nashville as part of the Country Radio Broadcasters program to honor Parton with a career achievement award: “Catherine Britt opened the Parton segment with a serene and straightforward reading of ‘To Daddy,’ the Parton composition that became a 1977-78 hit for Emmylou Harris. Britt followed with the folkish ‘Little Sparrow,’ a more recent tune from Parton's bluegrass phase.” http://www.cmt.com/artists/news/1497696/03022005/parton_dolly.jhtml  If you don’t have access to GAC via a cable or satellite TV service, you can tune into the show on the Internet via http://www.wsmonline.com/  Who knows... maybe we will be lucky enough to see/hear a duet.
Mar. 15 Update: Bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley has also been added to the night’s line-up joining Dolly and Catherine.
Dolly Parton Tribute
CMT.com has a nice article about the Dolly Parton tribute where
Catherine and Martina sang some of her songs. There is a link to some
Parton, Rivers To Be Honored At CRB Events
Jan. 10, 2005
By Phyllis Stark
Martina McBride and Catherine Britt will perform a tribute to Dolly
Parton at Country Radio Broadcaster's upcoming Country DJ Hall of Fame
dinner, set for March 1 in Nashville. Parton will be presented with the
CRB's career achievement award, which annually recognizes an artist who
has been a major influence on the growth of country radio......

Catherine Britt with her dad Steve
Jimmy Stewart Catherine's friend (part of the Brookes and Dunn Band)
Catherine and 6 other female singers inc Jamie O'Neill are featured on the cover of this months FHM magazine just out in the US. The magazine does come out in Aus but it is an Oz edition so not sure if she will be in the Oz edition. No she is not in underwear but its a great shot - some of the other girls are in underwear though!


Catherine is now back to the States and this week she has recorded three songs and one of them will be her next single.
What an honor for Catherine to be a part of this tribute to Dolly and
to be included with Martina on the program.
Parton, Rivers To Be Honored At CRB Events
Jan. 10, 2005
By Phyllis Stark
Martina McBride and Catherine Britt will perform a tribute to Dolly
Parton at Country Radio Broadcaster's upcoming Country DJ Hall of Fame
dinner, set for March 1 in Nashville. Parton will be presented with the
CRB's career achievement award, which annually recognizes an artist who
has been a major influence on the growth of country radio......
Full story:

19 yr old Catherine has confirmed that she will be at the Tamworth Festival 2005, with a gig at Blazes on the 16th January and many more guest appearances..  She will also have gigs in other areas around Australia while she is home.  Catherine is now based in the USA and will stay there indefinitely and only come home for festivals and holidays.  Catherine will be home in December.
Catherine has just done a photo shoot for an American magazine F H M with 8 female country singers.  This magazine will be sold in Australia.
Her single "The Upside of Being Down" has been on the Billboard top 40 for the last 6 weeks.  Her new album will be called "Too Far Gone" Catherine was on the Grand Ole Opry again on Saturday 27th at 12.30 Eastern Standard Time singing her new single and also "In the Pines".  She has been invited back to make many appearances in the future.  
Print out and have the memories