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Scott McAllister
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Last Sun of the Month
        Kent Daniel- Ducks Crossing Resort - Warners Bay
Teacher wanted
Someone who is familiar with bush instruments is required to teach students all about them at a Hunter Valley (NSW) school. No formal qualifications required, just the ability to play the instruments and teach the students all about them ie how they are made, history of the instruments etc. contact Randall Colt on 02 4938 8378.
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Newcastle Winners
 Morgan Evans - The Winner of THE ROAD TO TAMWORTH 2007

PHONE (02) 49614260 OR (02) 49683947

2007 suburban country tennis club dates
with John Wilson with guest artists) free.
 with the JOHN WILSON COUNTRY SHOW (with guest artists) free.
Hexham Bowling Club Gigs
Horseshoe Bend Roundup
Hello Friends of Horseshoe Bend Roundup,
On Wednesday we have a real treat, Amber Lawrence is the special guest.  Amber has been touring almost nonstop lately, wowing crowds across the country. A great entertainer and a must-see show!

We have always wanted to hear more of Brad Rose but have only gotten a few songs at a time when he drops by HBR.  We get our chance 15 August!

Lots of new photos from Peter Moran: Carol Donovan with host Rob Wilson 18 July 2007, Casey Watt with host Alby Pool 11 July 2007,
Hexham Bowling Club Wednesday 7pm
Country Music Club's Newsletters and Gigs
Newcastle Songwriters - Steel City Country Music Club - Fourth Tuesday of the month- Club Macquarie 7.30pm - ring Mel Sommers 02 4958 1995 or email emel@idle.com.au   Mel Sommers is looking to hear from songwriters who are interested in attending future songwriters nights at club Macquarie.  Any one interested can email Mel or contact him at his home number 49581995; so he can contact them when the next night is on.
14 Sawyer Street
Ph: (02) 4998 0077
E: wilddovemusic@yahoo.com.au
Feathered Tales
Welcome to our new look newsletter. We’ve decided it’s
time to start up the old newsletter trick again...so here goes!
As you know, we, (Peg and Sue), with the help of Angela,
Donella, Bow and Griff, have been hard at it already this year
putting on our usual dances and gigs, along with some specialised
shows for your enjoyment.  And we have plenty more of that lined
up for the rest of the year too, but more about that later!
We started the New Year with a bang at Paxton BC, which
was really handy for us because we were able to just roll
down the hill to home:) We then participated in a Wedding
Expo at NJC with Wayne Rogers and then it was off to
the Tamworth CM Festival. 
Over the 10 days, we worked
with The Dolly Tribute Show, a Wild Dove Show at LBS—Butts
Auditorium, a couple of Shows with Craig Giles and his
friends, a couple of Shows with Corina Cordwell, Kathryn Pitt
and other female yodellers and so on and so forth until we
were both exhausted, and it took a week to get over it!
At the beginning of March we held a very successful show
called The Cream of Country at Tighes Hill Social Club. The
line up was Angela Hayden (from the Central Coast) , Craig
Giles (from Finley), Evelyn Bury (from Bundaberg), and
Brian Letton (from Tamworth). 
The Auditorium was packed to
capacity and by all accounts everyone loved the new venue,
dance floor, and the show in general! There’s more of these
shows happening this year too, so stay tuned…
Meanwhile, have a great month
and we’ll see you at our next gig.
14 Sawyer Street
Ph: (02) 4998 0077
Musically Your
Peg Gilchrist
Former Hadley Records recording artist Bryan Watkins died on Friday December 8th 2006.
Bryan was born at Swansea, NSW, and grew up at Wallsend, then a coal mining and dairy farming area. It was here that his love for country music began.
Photos taken at a gig in the Newcastle Area
Fiddle Player Wanted
Tommy Tucker from Ringbark (Blue Mountains) is looking for a fiddle player to play in a four piece Bush Band in the Newcastle area. Please ring 02 49 817861
Artists from Newcastle or now living in the area