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Finn MacCool

Mercantile Hotel

The Rocks Sydney


    Finn MacCool Song Sample

The extremely popular Finn MacCool
 Mark Oats, Justin Duggan, Greg O'Brien, Steve Sampson
(The Fabulous Mandolinist Dave Warwick was absent from this gig)
How to have a weekend of Country Music in Sydney
Sydney Harbour at it's best
Gaye, Margaret,and Maureen arrive at Balmain to have
a weekend of country Music.  They caught a Ferry to the Rocks and
after looking around at the markets they decided to catch the fabulous Finn MacCool

Finn MacCool

Mark Oats
Greg O'Brien
Steve Sampson
Justin Duggan
Mark Oats, Chicka, Lee, Bruno and Rhonda
Tambourine Girl
More girls from the Crowd
Rhonda, Ruth (Daughter) Bruno
Gaye, Margaret and Maureen checking out Luna Park from the Ferry on the way to another gig
Print out and have the memories 

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