Tamworth Rage Page
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Felicity Stripped Down 
Twang Dynasty
Tamworth Festival 2003
Southgate Inn 
Scully Room
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Michael Vidale, Felicity and Glen Hannah 
Michael Vidale                               Glen Hannah                   
Felicity and Glen Hannah
Twang Dynasty
George Washing Machine, Stuart French, Felicity, Jason Morphett (tenor sax) and oboe; 
Alan Davies, trumpet; Glenn Heinrich, baritone sax and clarinet.
Stuart French, Emile Nelson bass and Felcity 
George Washingmachine, Felicity 
Gary Steel, Michel Rose and Marcus Holden
Emile Nelson (bass), Jason Morphett (oboe) and Alan Davies 
Marcus Holden and George Washingmachine 
Jason Morphett (tenor sax),  Alan Davies, (trumpet) Glenn Heinrich (clarinet)
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