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Country Music Festival 2004

Artist and Friends 4

Rod McCormack and his cousin Leigh Hancock
Ian and Kim
Rod McCormack, Leigh Hancock, Stuart Everett, Karen Blanch and Kim Harper
Marty and Trev Warner celebrating Trev's Golden guitar win
Alison De Gruchy (left) Andrew (back) and Marty and Trev Warner (right) still celebrating
Eamon McLoughlin (The Greencards)  Kevin Bennett (The Flood) and Trev Warner
Gina Jeffreys and Carol Young   (The Greencards)
Leslie Avril and Terry Phillpot
Sharon, Felicity, Kate and Sam
Josh Canning, Peter Figures (Centre)
Gary Steel, Andrew Clermont and Fan
Pete and Julieanne

Leslie Avril and Randall Wilson

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